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Somehow you have managed to find your way to Bonehand.com. Congratulations on your exceptional mouse skills & exquisite taste. My
intention here is to present something new, every Sunday. Be it a podcast, work of fiction, an essay,
a work of art, a piece of music or even a
review, the idea is to bring something to the table that will interest, entertain
or inspire. Perhaps even two of the three.
Any more than that is probably pushing it.

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SATURDAY, APRIL 26, 2014  2:00PM

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The BoneBat Show


02/04/14    Episode 113 of The BoneBat Show!


This Episode: It's GAME ON as Steve and Gord recount the glories of the 2014
BoneBattle Gaming T
ournament, complete with interviews from Death*Star's C0Splay,
Kelly Toyama
of Titans Tactics, and Evan L., owner of our host store Games and Gizmos,
all highlighted by game-centric music from The  String Arcade, Kirby Krackle, and Beefy!
All this plus the latest from the BoneBat Film Fest, What Pisses Us Off, Gord's political
and Multimedia Triage reviews of the films Robocop and The Lego Movie, The
History Channel
series Vikings, the first three Frankenstein novels from Dean Koontz,
the XBOX 360 version of World of Tanks, and the Scream Factory Blu-Ray Witchboard
serve to upgrade our forces in this most triumphant episode 113 of The BoneBat Show!

The BoneBat Show!

Heavy Half Hour


10/06/13    Episode 46 of the Bonehand Heavy Half Hour!


Epic Video Game Themes! Punk Straight Outta Los Santos! 1Up Shredding!
Featuring the music of Metroid Metal, Thunderclash, Equilibrium, Nythilia,
Black Flag, The Descendents and Artificial Fear!
The Heavy Half Hour!


Carcass, with Suffocation, 1349 and Aborted. Seattle, September 21st 2008


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