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The BoneBat Show
Gord                        Steve

A quarter century in the making, The BoneBat Show is a tri-weekly joint project from the creators of Bonehand.com and Mightywombat.com,
and is an audio collection of the intermittantly hilarious,profanity laden musings, declarations and arguments of longtime friends Steve and Gord,
set to original, funky beats, and converted to zeros and ones for your listening pleasure. Please enjoy responsibly.
WARNING:  BoneBat consists almost entirely of adult language and juvenile content, and as such should not be listened to by: children, adults, the elderly, anyone who is pregnant or thinking of becoming
pregnant, anyone who is having sex right at this moment, the capriciously litigious, the humor-impaired, our mothers, pigeons, chickens, ducks, or turkeys, costumeless-high-school-age-trick-or-treaters, rats,
former employers, parents, telekenesists, little people, the blind, people who taunt wild animals, the French, crocheters, rapelling sommeliers, dead cats, customer service professionals, clowns, Julie's Dad,
PDF's, GRRM, our children, Gord's Mother-In-Law,  residents of West Virginia, rude kids, dead seals, philatilists, women, frogs, the developmentally disabled, Cincinatti drivers, or anyone with a modicum
of good taste, sense, and/or dignity. Listener discretion strongly advised. You have been warned. Don't come bitching to us later.


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"The Saint Funkensteins Day Massacre" 02/14/10

This Episode: Love is in the air, and it sure is FUNKY, as Steve and Gord are joined by
Vaughn from Motion Picture Massacre to wax on things romantic, steam about that
Which Pisses Us Off,  and take a tour through the seedy underbelly of extreme cinema,
backed by the fantastic galactic sounds of Seattle's Super Sonic Soul Pimps! We also 
massage your ears all sexy like with all new reviews of "Caprica", "Top Gear", Itunes
and "Battlefield: Bad Company" in Multimedia Triage; get you hot with a little political
ranting, and close the deal with a few Filthy Jokes in this amorous episode 40 of
The BoneBat Show!

                 The Return of Doctor Wonder Bred. Art by Garrett Morlan, whose work can be found HERE.

Episode Forty Music:
This show, we kick things off with "Investigated", taken from the incredible new release The Return of Dr. Wonder
followed by "Crossbred", "Ride", "The Song" and "Humalien" from the same release. We then push through
a wormhole to 1996 for 3SP's "Otto E. Roticize", "My High", "Space Cadet", "Dangerous",
"Mothership Blues",
and "Singles Ad",  before reaching first featured cut "Funkenstein". Then we slip through time to the 1997 release
Albino for "Thunderpig!", "I Call You Out", "Burn", "Heads", "Dangling Participle","Action Verb", "Exclamation",
and "
Subtley Relieved", before we return to the future and second featured track "Serious Cat". And that is where
we stay as we ride out
The Return of Dr. Wonder Bred, with "Watching You", "Flower Petals in the Sand",
"It's Not A Bald Spot", "Soul Tone Static (Restless Leg)", and "Mom's Planet", before finishing strong back at

Links to purchasing info for the featured CD's can be found by clicking the image below.

                          Super Sonic Soul Pimps. Art by Garrett Morlan, whose work can be found HERE.     

All music in Episode 40 was written and performed by the Super Sonic Soul Pimps, used courtesy of Dr. Wonder
and their own bad selves.
Be like Steve and Gord, and SUPPORT INDEPENDENT MUSIC!


Trek logo
"The Wrath of Caulk!" 01/31/10

This Episode: Steve and Gord work overtime to make outer space a little more moist
thanks to Sacramento's Star Trek Rock Gods WARP 11! So strap in (and strap on) for a
smoking hot interview with Captain Karl, Kiki, Brian and John, a huge payload of high
octane, sex drenched tunes, and a rapidly expanding ball of "What Pisses Us Off"! We've
also got reviews of Troma's War, a preview of Doug TenNapel's forthcoming Ghostopolis,
and a kiloton of book, movie and music coverage in Multimedia Triage; more political ranting;
and a fresh salvo of Filthy Jokes in this illogically arousing episode 39 of The BoneBat Show!

Warp 11 Band

Episode Thirty Nine Music:
We open the bomb bay doors to the title track of 2009's I Don't Want to Go to Heaven as Long as There are Vulcans
In Hell,
followed by "I Make It So", and "Jim Beam Me Up" from the same release. Speaking of release, then we jump
the Bones of 2002's Red Alert for the title track, "Everything I Do, I Do with William Shatner", "Warp 11", "Old
Country Doctor (The Ballad of Bones)",
"7 of Mine", "Yeah, Brother (TNG) and "Trekkie Girl",  before setting course
for our first featured tune, "Rage Against The Federation" from 2005's Boldly Go Down On Me. Then we return to
Vulcans In Hell for "Fully Functional", hit single "Sulu", "Beam Into Me", "They Put Creatures in our Bodies", 
"Suds Me Up Sulu (Mirror, Mirror)","What Would William Shatner Do?", "Baby Take Me to Your Nuclear Wessel",
"I Am Not Herbert", culminating in our second feature cut, the incredible "Betazoid Mind Fuck". Finally, it's back
to Red Alert for "Space Happy", "Don't Klingon Me", "Q", "Rand", "Suds Me Up Sulu", "Warp Core (on the Dance
Floor)", and "And That's Why I'm In a Star Trek Band", before we close with the business end of "Vulcans in Hell".

Warp 11 Link

Links to purchaing info for the featured CD's can be found by clicking the album covers below.

Red Alert        Vulcans in Hell

All music in Episode 39, was performed by Warp 11, used courtesy of Captain Karl Miller their own bad selves.
Be like Steve and Gord, and SUPPORT INDEPENDENT MUSIC!

Pick up Troma's War from TROMA.COM or at finer DVD stores everywhere.



"End of the Nine" 01/10/10

This Episode: Steve and Gord tackle the glories and lowlights of the year that was, joined
by good friends Brother D and Miss Bren from Mail Order Zombie! The gang goes deep
to cover the best and worse movies, books, music, comics, and video Games from 2009
while revisiting some of their favorite BoneBat Bands from the last year, rounding things
out with "What Pisses Us Off", political ranting and icy jeroboam of Filthy Jokes! Kick
off the new year in style with episode 38 of The BoneBat Show!

Episode Thirty Eight Music:
"Supersuckers Drive By Blues" Written by The Supersuckers, Taken from the CD XX
"Goth Girls" by MC Frontalot, taken from the CD Nerdcore Rising 

"The O-Men" by The Butthole Surfers, taken from the CD Locust Abortion Technician
"Buried Alive" by The Creepshow, taken from the CD Run For Your Life
"Rural Point of View" by Reverend Horton Heat,
taken from the CD Laughin' and Cryin'
and "Bear Claw" by Burning of I, from the CD Nowhere is a Destination

Links to purchaing info for each and every one of these fine bands can be found by clicking the album titles above.

All music in Episode 38, was performed by the artists and used courtesy of their own bad selves.
Be like Steve and Gord, and SUPPORT INDEPENDENT MUSIC!



"Silver Balls" 12/20/09
       Silver Balls

This Episode:
Warmed by the scorching psychobilly sounds of the Reverend
Heat, Steve and Gord make with the holiday joy as they stop by for an
interview with Mike McGee and Tamas Jakab, creators of El Gorgo, the world's
most awesome independent comic magazine, and serve up their very own rendition
of the 12 Days of Christmas for your listening pleasure, with an assist from friend
Leemo P!
Additionally, Gord takes an opposing stance on the book "Death Troopers"
while Steve covers "The Name of The Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss and EA Games
Dragon Age: Origins for Multimedia Triage, and deliver a
destined-to-delight sack
full of
"What Pisses Us Off", "Just Ask Gord", and "Filthy Jokes of the Week" in
episode 37 of The BoneBat Show!

Episode Thirty Seven Music:
We open the show with "Jingle Bells", followed by "Santa Bring My Baby Back to Me", "Santa Clause is Coming to
Town", "Silver Bells", "Santa Looked a Lot Like Daddy",
"Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer", "Santa on The Roof",
"What Child Is This?", "Winter Wonderland", and our first featured cut "We Three Kings", all taken for the 2005 CD
of the same name. We then crack open 2009's Laughin' and Cryin' to check out "Drinkin' and Smokin' Cigarettes",
"Ain't No Saguaro in Texas","River Ran Dry", and second featured cut "Oh God! Doesn't Work in Vegas".  We follow
up with
"Death Metal Guys", "Please Don't Take The Baby to the Liquor Store", "Rural Point of View", "Spacewalk",
"There's A Little Bit of Everything in Texas", and "Oh, By Jingo!" from the same release, before digging into 2004's
Revival for "The Happy Camper","Callin' in Twisted", "If it Ain't Got Rhythm", "Party Mad", "I;m Your pet Rock",
and "Rumble Strip". Finally, we return to We Three Kings for closing cut "Frosty The Snowman".

RHH1 RHH2 Revival                               

All music in Episode 37, was performed by the Reverend Horton Heat, used courtesy of Yep Roc Records and their
own bad selves. Check 'em out on their Myspace page HERE or grab a cd right HERE at ReverendHorton Heat.com
, or
by clicking  the above images. 
Be like Steve and Gord, and SUPPORT INDEPENDENT MUSIC!
                 El Gorgo

El Gorgo comics by Mike McGee and Tamas Jakab can be found by clicking the image above.


"Versus" -  posted 11/27/09
      Metroid Metal

This Episode: It's Steve versus Gord, Gord versus the raccoons, and Modern Warfare 2
versus Left 4 Dead 2 as we go totally game-centric thanks to the amazing sounds of
Metroid Metal!  But that's not all! We get pissed off about
Video Game Controversies, Flu
Shots and Death Metal Immigration; rant up a political storm; review MW2, L4D2, Star Trek
Blu-Rays and Troma Retro's Mad Dog Morgan in Multimedia Triage; and close out with
a cornucopia of
Filthy Jokes in this most thankful 36th episode of The 2009 Podcast
Award nominated BoneBat Show!

Episode Thirty Six Music:
This week, we load/exit with “Prelude”, taken from the 2009 CD The Varia Suites. This is followed by "Lower Norfair",
"Brinstar", "Item Room", "Item Collect", "Kraid", "Boss Medley" and  "TheTunnel", before we hit our first featured
track "Ridley". This is followed by "Phendrana Drifts", and our second featured cut, latest single "SuperMetroid
Ending". Then we return to Varia for “Space Pirates”, “Maridia Escape”, “Ending [NES]”, and “Theme [NES]”, before
we revisit “The Tunnel”,
"Phendrana Drifts" and “Ridley” once again, then close out with "Prelude". All tunes this
episode are taken from the 2009 Metroid Metal release The Varia Suites, as seen below.  

                                        Varia Suites

All music in Episode 36, was performed by Metroid Metal, used courtesy of their own bad selves. Check 'em
out on their Myspace page HERE or grab a cd right HERE at
Silent Uproar Records, or by clicking 
the image above. 
Be like Steve and Gord, and SUPPORT INDEPENDENT MUSIC!

Pick up Mad Dog Morgan from TROMA.COM or at finer DVD stores everywhere.


"The Challenge" -  posted 11/13/09


This Episode: Steve and Gord finally fulfill the promise of their theme song, as they
take up the gauntlet thrown down in a recent Itunes review, bolstered by the monstrously
metallic sounds of San Diego's Goblin Cock! Plus, an examination of the loose wires
in Gord's head, more political ranting, reviews of the latest Arch Enemy release The
Of All Evil and Borderlands from Gearbox/2K Games in Multimedia Triage,
"Just Ask Gord", "What Pisses Us Off", and a plethora of
Filthy Jokes pleasurably
probe your ears in this raunchier than usual
35th episode of The 2009 Podcast Award
nominated BoneBat Show!

Episode Thirty Five Music:

This week, we bust things open with “The Crusher”, followed by “Hissy Intro”, “Stumped”, “Childproof”,
“Talking To Chaka”, “The Green Machine”, “The Werewomb”, “Ichiro's Dilemma”, and “The Revenge Of
Snufalufagus”. Then we check out our first featured cut “Striped Tiger Snaps”, before rolling through
“Winkey Dinky Donkey”, “Goblin Cock Theme”, and "Black Black" bridging the gap to next featured
track “Kegrah The Dragon Killer”. Then we revisit "Stumped", "Childproof", “Striped Tiger Snaps”,
"Kegrah The Dragon Killer”, "Talking To Chaka", "The Green Machine", "The Werewomb",
and “The “Revenge Of Snufalufagus” before closing out with “The Crusher”. All tunes this
episode are taken from the 2005 Goblin Cock release Bagged and Boarded, as seen below.  

Bagged and Boarded

          Click the Above Image to buy Bagged and Boarded for ONLY $5!

All music in Episode 35,
was written and performed by Goblin Cock, used courtesy of Absolutely Kosher
Records, and their own bad selves. Check 'em out on their Myspace page HERE or grab a cd right
at Absolutely Kosher Records, or by clicking the image above.  Be like Steve and Gord, and

Contest winner
Congrats to Sue P. of Redmond, Winner of our Episode 34 Pumpkin Carving Contest!

Seattle Geekly  347 Steps    Douchecast 5K

                 Check out Steve and Gord as they visit these other fine podcasts!
                                           Cadaver Lab Podcast



"The Haunt of Beer!" -  posted 10/04/09 
  Zombie Steve and Gord                                        
Zombie Gord and Zombie Steve Art by Mike Hampton, Creator of Hot Zombie Chicks!       

This Episode: Steve and Gord pack your pillowcase once again with all the awesome
Halloween goodness you can handle! Chill to the incredible horror-soaked punkabilly
of Toronto's The Creepshow, as vocalist Sarah Sin joins us for an interview! Thrill to
sounds and smells of a trio of Seattle Haunt Tours, as Steve visits Stocker Farms' Field
of Screams
, the Seattle House of Horrors and Dark Hollow Haunted Forest! Then, hang
with special guest Skamama for an mammoth Multimedia Triage, as the gang reviews
I Sell The Dead, Zombieland, Skeletonwitch's new CD "Breathing the Fire",
the book Death Troopers from Joe Schreiber and Del Rey books, and the DVD's
The Last Horror Film and Pigs in a Troma Retro Spotlight! All this plus pumpkin
economics, Beer, bargains, contests, Filthy Jokes, "Just Ask Gord" and "What Pisses
Us Off" await, in this
ghoulish 34th episode of The BoneBat Show!

Episode Thirty Four Music:

This crawls out of the crypt to The Creepshow's "The Sermon II/Rue Morgue Radio" from latest release Run For
Your Life,
followed by
"Demon Lover" "Buried Alive", "Take My Hand", "Dearly Departed", "Rock N Roll Sweetheart",
"Long Way Down" from the same CD. Then we hit first album Sell Your Soul for "Shake", the title track, "Candy Kiss",
"Grave Diggers" and  "Zombies Ate Her Brain", before rocking out to our first featured tunes "The Sermon/Creatures
of the Night". Then we close out the debut with "The Garden", "Doghouse", and "Psycho Ball and Chain". Our second
featured cut, hand selected by Sarah, is "You'll come Crawlin'", while I tap Cherry Hill for feature #3. Appropriately, we
close out the show with "Run for Your Life." Too little, too late.    

The Creepshow

                  Artwork by www.revolverphotography.com LINK & www.ghoulishgary.com. Also LINK.
All music in Episode 34, except
the music used during the Haunted Tours segment, was written and performed
by The Creepshow, used courtesy of Hellcat Records, Stomp Records, Stereo Dynamite Recordings, and their
own bad selves. Check 'em out on their Myspace page HERE or at their offical site www.thecreepshow.org,
or snag their cd's right  HERE at Interpunk.com, or by clicking the banner below. 
Be like Steve and Gord, and

               Creepshow Banner 

Here be the Monstrous Haunts that toured by Steve in October. Time is running out, so give them a visit!

                 Field of Screams

                Seattle House of Horrors

                Dark Hollow banner

The music played during the Haunted Tour segment comes from the album Blackthorn Asylum
by Nox Arcana, composed and performed by Joseph Vargo and William Piotrowski, and used
courtesy of THIER bad selves. Click the banner below to buy a copy and learn more about this
amazing group.

                Nox Arcana Banner

                                                     Mail Order Zombie



"Keepin' It Short" -  posted 10/04/09

This Episode: Steve and Gord vow to keep this one brief, but are thwarted at every turn
by their own ceaselessly spewing pieholes as they piss off their vegetarian friends, kick
off a couple of new contests, interview Hidden Path Entertainment's Jeff Pobst on the
game Defense Grid: The Awakening, join a few
podcasting luminaries for a live recap
Revenant Film Festival , and introduce brand new feature "Just Ask Gord", all
with the rockalocking support of Sacramento's The Nickel Slots! Then it's time to
survey Left 4 Dead: Crash Course, Zombie Apocalypse, Dethklok's Dethalbum II,
and DC's
Blackest Night once again in Multimedia Triage, seeth over "What Pisses
Us Off"
and break in some new
Filthy Jokes to round out this firm, fully packed 33rd
episode of The BoneBat Show!          

Episode Thirty Three Music:

This episode starts with "Lucky Number 7s", the latest single of the band's self titled debut CD. This
is followed by "
Race Horse Runnin'", "Can't Kill Time", "Good Old Days", "Stop Sign" and "A Life So
Unpredictable". Our first featured cut is "
120 Days And 120 Nights", leading into "Hurry Be Over" and "Come
Back", and our second featured tune "
Halo". Next we give a listen to "Evolution", "If You've Got Nothing Good
To Say" and "
Fare Thee Well", revisit "Race Horse Runnin'", "Can't Kill Time" and "Good Old Days", and end
on a high note with the aformentioned "
Lucky Number 7s"
The Nickel Slots

All music in Episode 33, except the music used during the Grid Defense: The Awakening interview, was written and
performed by The Nickel Slots, used courtesy of Paul Zinn and their own bad selves. Check out the band on their
Myspace page HERE or at their offical site www.thenickelslotsmusic.com, or snag a copy of their debut CD right
HERE at DigStation, or by clicking the abovecool-ass image. 
Be like Steve and Gord, and SUPPORT
Defense Grid

The music played during Jeff Pobst Interview is the official soundtrack for Defense Grid: The Awakening,
composed and performed by Duane Decker. The soundtrack can by downloaded free of charge from Mr. Decker's
website HERE.   To check out the game itself, hit the screenshot above.

               Revenant Film Festival 2009!
The Official website for the Revenant Film Festival can be found HERE, or by clicking on the above poster.

The Mail Order Zombie podcast can be found HERE. Seattle Geekly can be found HERE.


"What The Deuce?" - posted 09/20/09

                   BoneBat Bash 2

This Episode: Steve and Gord celebrate 2 years of podcasty goodness in their most epic
show ever, backed by the astonishing nerdcore rap stylings of MC Frontalot! Listen in
as they rage vehemently in "What Pisses Us off", revel in the glories of PAX 2009, cross
mics interview-wise with
MC Frontalot and Geoff Bough of the Revenant Film Festival,
hen top it all
off with Filthy Jokes and a huge Multimedia Triage, where they cover the
video games Scribblenauts, Arkham Asylum and Metroid Prime Trilogy, the film "9",
the Blackest Night event from DC Comics, and the upcoming Drunken Zombie Film
, joined by special guest Bryan from Drunken Zombie
! Over 2 1/2 hours of
sheer eargasmic
entertainment is yours to enjoy in episode 32 of The BoneBat Show!

Pax 2009
Episode Thirty Two Music:
We get things off the ground with "It Is Pitch Dark", taken from the 2007 release Secrets from the Future, before
digging deep into 2008s Final Boss for "Wallflowers", "Shame of the Otaku", "Canadia", "Scare Goat" and "Black
Box". "Pr0n Song"
serves as a lead in to our first featured cut, "The Penny Arcade Theme", followed by "Yellow
Lasers", "Nerdcore Rising" and "Hassle: The Dorkening", all
taken from 2005's Nerdcore Rising. Then it's back to
from the Future for the title cut, "You Got Asperger's", and " Origin of Species". Our second Featured track
is "Tongue Clucking Grammarian" from Final Boss, succeeded by "Living at the Corner of Dude and Catastrophe"
and "Bizarro Genius Baby" from Secrets, and Nerdcore Risings "Charity Case", "Goth Girls", "Crime Spree",
"Braggadoccio", "Indier Than Thou", and "Which MC Was That?". Our last featured tune is "Diseases of Yore",
the latest single from Final Boss.  Next we check out Fronts excellent collaboration on Optimus Rhymes' "Ping Pong",
which you'll find concealed poorly on Secrets. Then we check out "Forbidden Planet", "Romantic Cheapskate 2.0",
and "Gonna Be Your Man" from the same release, before returning to Rising for "This Old Man", "Special Delivery",
"Secret Message 419", and "I Heart Fags". We swing by Secrets one last time for "I Hate Your Blog" before settling
in to Final Boss for "A Very Unlikely Occurance", "In Arrears", "Listen Close", "Socks On" and the title track,
then bring things full circle with our closer
"It Is Pitch Dark".

front live!

All music in Episode 32 was written and performed by MC Frontalot, used courtesy of his own bad self, with exception
of some miscellaneaous guitar distortion from Bonehand during Vaughn' of Motion Picture Massacre's feedback segment.
Check out and purchase the fine music of MC Frontalot www.frontalot.com or by clicking the above image. 
Be like Steve

Join Sarcastic Gamer in the EXTRA LIFE fight against pediatric cancer by clicking HERE.

Masta Chief    Split Second!
"BoneBatomizer" - posted 08/30/09

           Let's Go

This Episode: Steve and Gord blow up with an explosive episode devoted to Chicago's
finest defunct punk powerhouse, the mighty Big Black! Additionally,
they deliver an
epic payload
of "What Pisses Us Off " and let loose with in-depth reviews of the
unconventional zombie flicks
Deadgirl and Pontypool, along with recent releases
G.I Joe, District 9 and Inglourious Basterds, and give a listen to
the latest Clutch
Strange Cousins from the West in Multimedia Triage. All this, a fiery
political rant from Gord,
and even more Filthy Jokes assail your ears in episode 31
of The BoneBat Show!

Episode Thirty One Music:
We kick off the show with "Bombastic Intro", the final cut from Big Black's final album Songs About Fucking,
before segueing immediately into Atomizer's "Jordan Minnesota". This is followed by "Passing Complexion" and
"Big Money" from the same release, which can be found on the CD The Rich Man's 8 Track Tape. Then we hit
The Hammer Party for the Racer X EP cuts "The Big Payback, "Shotgun", "Sleep, "The Ugly American", and
"Deep Six". "Kerosene", also from Atomizer, is our first featured song. We then return to The Hammer Party for
"Steelworker", "Cables", "Pigeon Kill", "Texas", "Seth, and "RIP", our second featured tune "Racer X", and finally,
"Dead Billy".  Next up, it's back to Songs About Fucking for "Precious Thing", "Pavement Saw", and "Fish Fry".
We revisit 8 Track for "Bad Houses" and the Headache EPs "HeartBeat", "Ready Men" and "Pete, King of All
Detectives", before returning to Songs for "The Power of Independent Trucking", "The Model", "L Dopa",
"Kasimir S. Pulaski Day" and "He's a Whore". Then we shut it down with one last listen of  
"Jordan Minnesota".

All music in Episode 31 was written and performed by Big Black, and used courtesy of Steve Albini and their
own bad selves. Except: "The Big Payback" was written by James Brown, "Heartbeat" was originally performed
by Wire, "The Model"is a Kraftwerk cover, and "He's a Whore" was jacked from Cheap Trick. Check out
Big Black at their MySpace HERE, or at TGREC.COM. Buy their CD's via Amazon or better yet at finer record
stores near you.
Be like Steve and Gord, and SUPPORT INDEPENDENT MUSIC!      
Big Black



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The BoneBat Show is Copyright 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 by G J Caulkins and S J Holetz. All rights reserved.

All music contained within BoneBat is original and copyright of the artist. 


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