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A quarter century in the making, The BoneBat Show is a tri-weekly joint project from the creators
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Mightywombat.com. It is an audio collection of the intermittantly hilarious,profanity
laden musings,
declarations and arguments of longtime friends Steve and Gord, set to original, funky beats,
converted to zeros and ones for your listening pleasure. Please enjoy responsibly.
WARNING:  BoneBat consists almost entirely of adult language and juvenile content, and as such should not be listened to by: children, adults, the elderly,
anyone who is pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, anyone who is having sex right at this moment, the capriciously litigious, the humor-impaired, our
mothers, pigeons, chickens, ducks, or turkeys, costumeless-high-school-age-trick-or-treaters, rats, former employers, parents, telekenesists, little people, the blind,
people who taunt wild animals, the French, crocheters, rapelling sommeliers, dead cats, customer service professionals, clowns, Julie's Dad, PDF's, GRRM, our
children, Gord's Mother-In-Law,  residents of West Virginia,
women who have had multiple breast implants, dead seals, philatilists, women, frogs, the
developmentally disabled, Cincinnati drivers, Washington Drivers, teenagers, or anyone with a modicum of good taste, sense, and/or dignity.
Listener discretion strongly advised. You have been warned. Don't come bitching to us later.

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Frigid! www.mightywombat.com

"Seasons Bleatings!" -  posted 12/22/11
This Episode: In the Nick of time for Christmas, Steve and Gord bring you a laid back,
fat sack of comfort and joy, as they make with the mirth, muse merrily, and recollect some
of their favorite secret tunes of 2011Plus, a few
What Pisses Us Offs, new Filthy Jokes,
Gord's goat gets got in a fresh Political Rant, and
Multimedia Triage reviews of the new
Merry Xmas EP from The Pine Box Boys, the movie Friends With Benefits, the book
Lost in Shangri-La
by Mitchell Zuckoffand the games Elder Scrolls: Skyrim from
Bethesda, Tube Hero for IOS, and Nano Assault for the Nintendo 3DS fill the winter air
in this jubilantly jolly
episode 80 of The BoneBat Show!           

Episode Eighty Music:
The Grammar Club
: "Stop Plate Techtonics", from the 2011 release MC Horse Rides Again.
HelltracK"Son of the Minotaur", from 2011's The Year We Make Contact.
Tip to Base: "Professioneer", as yet unreleased.
Warp 11: "Fuck the Hive" from their magnificent 2011 opus Borgasm.
Southside: "Shake ‘em Up" from their 2011 CD, Science Diction.

                            Horse Rides Again The Year We Make Contact Borgasm  Science Diction

All of the music in Episode 80 was written and performed by the artists in question, and used courtesy of their own
selves. Get some for yourselves by clicking the coveted cover above. Be like the illustrious Steve and Gord and

As reviewed in this episode's Multi Media Triage. Click below for more info:

Merry Xmas from the Pine Box Boys TubeHero  Nano Assault


"MegaBat!" -  posted 12/11/11

MegaRan LIVE
                        at PAX 2011 
MegaRan and K. Murdock rock the house at PAX Prime 2011. Photo by Bonehand.
This Episode: Gord and Steve raise their arm-cannons to salute the music of nerdcore
rap phenomenon Random, as they check out blazing cuts from his latest release MegaRan
, and discuss music, education, and Mega-history with the man himself! P
lus: Details
of the next BoneBat "Comedy of Horrors" Film Fest are finally unveiled, even more
What Pisses Us Off!, a few new Filthy Jokes, Gord's Political Rant, and Multimedia
reviews of the family films Hugo and Puss in Boots, the books Outcast Dead by
Graham MacNeill and Patton Oswald's Zombie, Spaceship Wasteland, the games Mario
Kart 7
and Serious Sam 3: BFE, and the CD Ultimate Songs from the Pit from Shael
Riley and the Double Ice Backfire
are unleashed in this
inexplicably clean and well-
episode 79 of The BoneBat Show!           

Episode Seventy Nine Music:
This episode we kick things off with "Pump It Up!" (Feat. Adam WarRock), from Random's 2011 release MegaRan 10,
followed by "Here We Go Again!",  "Commando", "Sick!!!", "The Day The Robots Took Over", "A Hero's Lament",
"MegaLude 10 feat. Muthapluckin' B", "Bassnium" and our first featured cut "Go Off ! (feat. Beefy and Phill Harmonix)
from the same source. We then travel back to 2007's MegaRan for the cuts "
Shadowman", "Bubbleman", "Aqua Soul
(Robot Love)", "Megalude", "The Continuation", "Flashman", "Mega Club", "Ringman Parts 1 and 2", and "Grow Up",
before returning to shine the spotlight on Megaran 10's "
Lookin' Up". Then, it's back to 2009's MegaRan 9 to check out
the tunes "8 is Enough", "My Love feat. Rufus Pipes", "The Bailout feat. Storyville","MegaLude 9", "Boss Battle: Jewel
Man", "UKnowTheName feat. Storyville (prod by DN3)", "Run N Gun feat. Ciphurphace and Pugz Atoms", and "Endless
feat. Storyville", leading in to our third featured track "Dream Master" from Random's 2010 release with K. Murdock,
Forever Famicom
. Finally, we dip in to Random's 2011 collaboration with Lost Perception, Black Materia for
"Avalanche" and "One Winged Angel", before closing with the MegaRan 9 classic "Splash Woman".   

Megaran 10  Black Materia
Megaran 9 Forever Famicom MegaRan

All of the music in Episode 79 was written and performed by the RANDOM, used courtesy of his own bad self.
Check out his music at MEGARAN.COM, via his official Facebook Page HERE, or pick up a CD by clicking the
coveted cover above.
Be like Steve and Gord (and you should), and SUPPORT INDEPENDENT MUSIC!

As reviewed in this episode's Multi Media Triage. Click below for more info:

Mario Kart 7  Serious Sam
                      3 BFE  Ultimate Songs from the Pit


"Descendage!" -  posted 11/20/11               


This Episode: Steve and Gord make with the punk rock as they celebrate the glorious
history of Los Angeles punk-pop pioneers the DESCENDENTS!
Plus, we've got a 
bracing blast of 
What Pisses Us Off!, fresh Filthy Jokes, electrifying Listener Audio,
a HUGE Political Rant, and 
Multimedia Triage reviews of the films Bridesmaids,
Fast Five
and Bad Teacher, the games Bioshock,
Modern Warfare 3, and Ubisoft's
Rocksmith, the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson, and the comics Sixth Gun
from Oni Press, reMIND by Jason Brubaker and Mark Millar's Kick Ass 2 to cap
off this brisk yet bulbous 
episode 78 of The BoneBat Show!


Episode Seventy Eight Music:
This episode, we kick things off with "Suburban Home", a true Descendents classic from 1982's Milo Goes
To College
. This is followed by "Myage", "I Wanna Be A Bear", "I'm Not A Loser", "Parents", "Tonyage",
"I'm Not A Punk", "M-16", "Catalina", "Statue Of Liberty", "Kabuki Girl" and "Marriage", leading in to our first
featured cut, "
No FB" from 1985s I Don't Want To Grow Up. We linger on that release for the title cut, "Pervert",
"Silly Girl" and "Can't Go Back", before jumping to Enjoy! from 1987 for our second featured tune, "Sour Grapes".
We then close out
I Don't Want To Grow Up with "In Love This Way", "Christmas Vacation", "Good Good Things"
and "Ace", before returning to enjoy "
Enjoy", "Hürtin' Crüe" and "Get The Time" from Enjoy, and the album ALL
from 1987 for "
Coolidge". I Don't Want To Grow Up's "Rock Star" shines as our 3rd featured track, before we wind
down with a few final tracks from ALL in "Van", "Cameage" and "Clean Sheets", and our closer, the statement of
purpose "
Descendents", also from I Don't Want To Grow Up.

Milo Goes to College   I Don't Wanna Grow Up
Enjoy!   All

All of the music in Episode 78 was written and performed by the DESCENDENTS used courtesy of SST Records and
their own bad
selves. Check 'em out at DESCENDENTSONLINE.COM, via their official Facebook Page HERE, or
pick up a CD by clicking the cover above.
Be like Steve and Gord and SUPPORT INDEPENDENT MUSIC!

As reviewed in this episode's Multi Media Triage. Click below for more info:

Rocksmith  Sixth Gun   reMIND
Gord's webtoons, blather and more can be found 24/7 at WWW.MIGHTYWOMBAT.COM



"THE MALT OF HORROR" -  posted 10/30/11

Death Star

This Episode: Your faithful fiends Gored and All Hallows Steve burst forth from
their vampiric vault, joined by nerdcore kings of Kirkland DEATH*STAR, for a
harrowing Hallowang hootenanny, resplendent with bounteous beer, scads of foul
candy, and the world premiere of killer new cuts from the forthcoming release A
New Dope!
PLUS: FLEE the unholy terror of the ACTB! THRILL to a fresh slab
of What Pisses Us Off! SPILL your drink when you get a load of our Filthy Jokes!
And CHILL to
Multimedia Triage reviews of the novels Damned by Chuck
and Cemetary Things from Keith Latch, the Troma DVD release
There's Nothing Out There
, the game
Bloodrayne:Betrayal from Majesco as
well as
the World of Kelflings DLC "It Came From Outer Space"! We're
giving up the treats just like your mom
in this monstrously musky episode 77 of
The BoneBat Show!

Death*Star In the BoneBat Studio
MC-3PO, Bill Beats and COSplay of Death*Star in the BoneBat Studio, 2011.

Episode Seventy Seven Music:
Death*Star puts us right in the Hallowang spirit they unearth a new live rendition of their 2010 Fandom Menace classic
"The Quick And The Dead", before we dig in to the forthcoming release A New Dope for the tracks "Social Apothecary",
"Any Girl", "Fifty Dollar Word, Ya'll",
"Villain of the Day part 2", "The Devils You Know", "As Is", "Milk Money",
Mashiara", and "Respiration (Inhale)". We then hit up the mega scarce 2011 release Something About Zombies for
the tracks "Suburban Carrion" and "Back from the Dead", before we shamble into our first featured live cut in A New
"16 Tons". We follow up with "No Sunshine", "Zombounce", and Zombie Shuffle Remix (f. Gonkin), before
sinking our teeth into the cuts "You Make Me Touch Your Hands For Stupid Reasons" and the D*S cover of the
Optimus Rhyme favorite "Ford VS. Chevy". We then stalk the debut once more, loosing "Looking for Group",
of the Day", "You're Not Geek Enough for Me" and
"Back in the Day" on your unsuspecting ears in preparation for
the world premiere of our new favorite track, "Your Mom", also from A New Dope. We choke the remaining life from
Fandom Menace with "From Dusk 'Til Dawn", "Who Wants to be a Comic Book Villain?", "Rockman Blues", "The
Sound of Nerdcore", "IRL",
"Second Video Game Apocalypse" and "Rollin' 20's", before returning to the scene of
the rhyme
with A New Dope's "Social Apothecary", "Fifty Dollar Word, Ya'll",  "The Devils You Know", "Milk
Money", "
Mashiara",,"Respiration (Inhale)" and take our bow with the epic Broken Robots, feturing the beats of
Klopfenpop and vocals by Kyle Stevens of Kirby Krackle.


Ford vs. Chevy notwithstanding, all music in Episode 77 was written and performed by DEATH*STAR, used
courtesy of their own bad
selves. Check 'em out at DEATHSTARHIPHOP. COM, via their Facebook Page HERE
or pick up a CD via Bandcamp right HERE or by clicking the cover above.
Be like Steve and Gord this Halloween,

As reviewed in this episode's Multi Media Triage:

 Bloodrayne Betrayal  Cemetary Things  There's Nothing Out There
Gord's webtoons, blather and more can be found 24/7 at WWW.MIGHTYWOMBAT.COM



"Halloween Hauntapalooza!" -  posted 10/25/11

 Nightmare at Beaver Lake 
Nightmare at Beaver Lake 2011

This Episode: Steve and Gord Julie stalk the forests, cornfields, and warehouses of
Western Washington in search of the best in creepy thrills, as they visit Stalker Farms
Field of Screams, Haunted Nightmare, Nightmare at Beaver Lake, Dark Hollow
Haunted Forest, The Hillbilly Haunt
and Pierce County Asylum, accompanied all
the while by the spooky sounds of Nox Arcana!
It's blood, guts, and nothing but in this
gruesomely guest-hosted
episode 76 of The BoneBat Show!                    


This Episode: The music of Nox Arcana can be heard accompanying our haunt and interview segments, including
the cuts "Born of the Night", "Crimson Thirst", "Vasaria", "Vesper Tolls", "Path of Shadows", "Banshee", "Ghost
at the Gate", "Nightwatcher", "Haunted", "Vampire's Kiss", "Sinister Forces", "Noctem Aeturnus"
and featured
closing cut "The Dark Tower".
All the above are taken from the 2011 release The Dark Tower, composed and
performed by Joseph Vargo
and William Piotrowski, and
used courtesy of Nox Arcana, Monolith Productions,
and thier own bad selves. Click the covers below to buy a copy or the banner above to learn more about this
amazing group.

The Dark TowerNox Arcana

And be sure to visit the Haunts from this year's audio tours! Time is running out!
                Field of Screams
                Haunted Nightmare

                    Hollow banner

               Nightmare at Beaver Lake

                      County Asylum       
                    Walking Julie at Pierce County Asylum
Skamama at Pierce County Asylum 2011            



"FISHBONEBAT!" -  posted 10/16/11

This Episode: Steve and Gord hit an all new high, as they celebrate the legendary legacy
Los Angeles's own FISHBONE! First, we learn about Fishbone's past, present, and
future straight from the source, as we visit with frontman Angelo Moore and founding
basstronomer Norwood Fisher in celebration of their new EP Crazy Glue, before getting
cinematic with filmmakers Chris Metzler and Lev Anderson on the making of their
amazing documentary Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone! All this plus What
Pisses Us Off
Listener Feedback,
a new giveaway contest, Filthy Jokes, a most thought
provoking Gord's Political Rant, and
Multimedia Triage reviews of the video games 
id Software, Skydrift from Digital Reality, Scott Sigler's novel The All Pro
and more pack to the gills this
nuttmegalomaniacal episode 75 of The BoneBat Show!

               Everyday Sunshine          
Episode Seventy Five Music:
This episode, we kick things off with "Akkafoo", from Fishbone's brand new 2011 EP Crazy Glue, followed by "Flutterbutter", 
"Deep Shit Backstroke", and "Gittin' in That Ass", from the same release. We then warp back to 2007 and Still Stuck in Your
for the cuts "Jackass Brigade", "Let Dem Ho's Fight" and  "Party With Saddam", before sticking with our first featured
track, the new EP's title cut "Crazy Glue", Then it's back to Still Stuck for "We Just Lose Our Minds", "Freyd's Fuckin' Nerve
Endings", "The Devil Made Me Do It",  "Forever Moore", "Behind Closed Doors", "Premadawnutt", "Faceplant Scorpion
Backpinch" and their cover of Sublime's "Date Rape", before we take a big hit of second featured cut Crazy Glue's "Weed,
Beer, and Cigarettes". Next up, we check out a number of unreleased selections recorded by the band specially for the score
of Everyday Sunshine, namely "Opening", "Bussin' to the Buttermilk", "Roots", "Kendall's Departure, "The Trial" and "Dowd's
Departure", courtesy of Chris and Lev, followed by a few choice cuts live from The Keystone in 1985: "Skankin' to the Beat",
"Ugly", "? (Modern Industry)", "Party at Ground Zero" and Bonin' in the Boneyard". Finally, we close the show with a
spectacular rendition of "Lyin' Ass Bitch",  live from CBGB's.

                      Glue   Still
                      Stuck In Your Throat

Sublime cover aside, all music in Episode 75
was written and performed by FISHBONE, used courtesy of their own bad
Check 'em out at their offiical site at WWW.FISHBONE.NET, their FaceBook page HERE, or pledge yourself to
the cause by clicking on the covers above. Be like Steve and Gord, and 

As reviewed in this episode's Multi Media Triage:

Rage  Skydrift
                    XBLA  All
Gord's webtoons, blather and more can be found 24/7 at WWW.MIGHTYWOMBAT.COM



"FOURgasm!" 10/02/11

This Episode: Steve and Gord celebrate 4 years of recorded ridiculousness, as they
reconvene with Captain Karl of Sacramento's Star Trek Rock Gods WARP 11 to
preview cuts from their hard-rocking new space opera, Borgasm!  Plus we've got
"What Pisses Us Off",
international feedback, political ranting, Netflix indecision, 
and multimedia triage reviews of the films Absentia and The Selling, as seen at the
Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Fest, Troll Hunter gets a revisit, and the
games Forza 3, Tiny Invaders from Hogrocket and Sega's Rise of Nightmares
find time to shine in this stellarly stimulating episode 74 of The BoneBat Show!

Episode Seventy-Four Music:
This episode, we assume the assimilation of your audio sensors with the "The Overture", the opening cut from
Warp 11
's magnificent 2011 opus Borgasm. This is followed by "The Best of Both Worlds (Part I)", "It's Time",
"Into the Cube", "Welcome to Our Cube 2.0", "Assimilate This", "Circuits Never Bleed", "I, Borg", and our first
featured cut "
Abandon Ship", all from the same source. We return to the hive for "She's Wired", "Fuck the Hive",
"There is Only We", "Cut from the Hive" and "The Best of Both Worlds (Part II)", before travelling back to the
2008 reissue of the band's debut album, Suck My Spock Some More, for the tunes "Shatner", "Crusher",
"Wormhole", and a bit of "Space Opera".
Borgasm's title cut amply fills our second spotlight slot, before we
return to SMSSM for a long, slow build with "
Make It So (Tng)", "Make It So (Tos)", "Spock Me, Shock Me",
"Yeah Brother", "Kirk Gets Laid Again", "Suck My Spock" and "Montalban" , climaxing with "
Servicing the
Queen" from Borgasm.


All music in Episode 74 was written and performed by Warp 11, used courtesy of Captain Karl Miller and
their own bad selves.
Check out Warp 11 at WWW.WARP11.COM,  or purchase Borgasm by clicking the
smoking cover image above. 
Be like Steve and Gord, and SUPPORT INDEPENDENT MUSIC!

Absentia  MIFFF  The

Click the posters above to be linked to the Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival,

and the official sites for the films Absentia and The Selling, now playing at finer festivals near you.

As reviewed in Episode 74...

 Tiny Invaders     Rise Of Nightmares

Download TEXAS CHAINSAW MASHACRE NOW for FREE from MonsterMashups.co.uk!

The DISNEY INDIANA podcast can and should be found by clicking right HERE.


"Lars APAX!
" 09/18/11
Pax 2011
This Episode: Steve and Gord once again regale the masses with tales from their summer
vacation, as they recount their impressions from Penny Arcade Expo 2011, relive the
highlights through interviews with Bioware's David Silverman on Mass Effect 3, Shelly
Mazzanoble from Dungeons and Dragons, and Magic: The Gathering's Adam Colby,
wrap their fingers around Ubisoft's Rocksmith, and reconvene with incredible indie rapper
MC Lars
on the occasion of his latest rounder, Lars Attacks! All this plus
"What Pisses
Us Off", a fresh flight of Filthy Jokes, and MultiMedia Triage reviews of the films
Conan, Captain America and Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, the novel Hunger Games
by Suzanne Collins, and Frima Studios' Ipod game A Space Shooter round out this
proudly pixillated
episode 73 of The BoneBat Show!
Episode Seventy-Three Music:
This Episode , we press the start button to the sounds of "Super Scope", from MC Lars 2011 release Lars Attacks!
This is followed by "
Going Back to Brooklyn", "The Gospel of Hip-Hop (featuring KRS-One)", "History's Greatest
Assholes", and "
Summer Camp Love (Is So in Tents)" leading up to first featured track "Lars Attacks!"  We stick with
this CD as we check out "
Venomous Box Jellyfish", "Judas Priest" and second spotlight cut "
Art of Darkness" (featuring
Sage Francis), before continuing with "
Mike Russo Cut Your Hair", Francis Bacon Slashed the Canvas (featuring John
Reuben), and "Make a Friend on 27th Street". We then switch gears to enjoy 3rd featured tune "Guitar Hero Hero" from
2009's This Gigantic Robot Kills, before returning to Attacks! for
"The Giving Tree" (featuring Mac Lethal) and
Annabel Lee R.I.P". We then break to groove on the Remix EP version of "Single and Famous" and 4th featured cut
O.G. Original Gamer (also from
This Gigantic Robot Kills) before busting into the 2011 mix tape Indie Rocket Science
for serious like with "
Black and Yellow T-Shirts" (featuring MC Frontalot), "Distant Planet (The Roswell Incident)", and
Me and the Mouse" (featuring Random). The, we officially overdo it with 5th featured track "Ahab" from 2006's The
before cribbing from
Indie Rocket Science once last time for "Industry 1-8-7 (featuring Weerd Science)",
Lord of the Fries", "The Alien Song" (featuring Kosha Dillz, Geo of the Blue Scholars and Homeboy Sandman) and
"Living in the Future 2.5" (featuring Akira the Don, Big Narstie, Eddie Argos and Scroobius Pip), which sets the stage
for our closing cut from Lars Attacks!,  "
How to Be an Indie Rapper" (featuring Weerd Science).

All music in Episode 73 was written and performed by MC Lars, used courtesy of his own bad self. Check out
MC Lars at MCLARS.com, his MySpace HERE, or purchase his fine works by clicking the images below. 
Be like

                                         Lars Attacks!

Indie Rocket Science    This Gigantic Robot Kills    The Graduate        


Mass Effect 3                          Borderlands 2                         Rage    

Elder Scrolls:Skyrim         Skulls of the Shogun       Atom Zombie Smasher          

Halo 4       
                   Dungeons and Dragons        Magic: The Gathering

Shoot Many Robots     Need For Speed: The Run       A Space Shooter

Rocksmith                                MegaRan                          Death*Star                       

And of course:      Firefall              Firefall              Firefall              




Supercommuter. Photo by Gabe Hayward.

"Nordwest Nerdcorps" -  posted 08/21/11

This Episode: In pyretic preparation for PAX Prime, Steve and Gord sagaciously
survey the state of Northwest nerdcore, meting much mint music, and incidental
insightful interviews with Stenobot and TronJuan of Supercommuter, Klopfenpop,
and AlienBobZ! Plus, Gord goes off the grid in an unexpected sports rant, we let you
know What Pisses Us Off and level up with the Filthy Jokes, and face the final boss
with Multimedia Triage reviews of
Seun Kuti and Egypt 80, The films Horrible
, The Eagle
and Sherlock Holmes, the game Toy Soldiers: Cold War from

Signal Studios
, FX's The League and Roku TV, and Supercommuter's
of Science
in this gorgeously gamey episode 72 of The BoneBat Show!     

Klopfenpop Live!    
Klopfenpop LIVE

Episode Seventy Two Music:

We've got a lot to cover here, so pay attention and keep up. This episode, we hit play with the sounds of "DMG We
Trust in Thee" from Supercommuter's 2011 release, Products of Science,
followed by "Kyabajo" (ft. Rachel Haden),
"Wheelie's Lament (ft. Jen Wood)" and our first featured cut "
Natural Immunity" (ft. Stumblebee). We continue the
release with "
Frozen", "Script Kitties", "Robot Party", and "FF45" to back the interview, leading in to second featured 
cut "
It Is Splendid!", before rounding things out with a portion of "The Commute Continueth...", "We're Watching
You", and an extended version of "Victory Song".
You can learn more about Seattle's Supercommuter right HERE.

Products of Science    Supercommuter

We begin the Klopfenpop
portion of our program with our third spotlight track "Prime Obsession", succeeded by
"Back In The Day" feat. Jake-bit & Babyback, "T.U.R.T.L.E. Power" feat. Random, "Dual Wield", Death*Star's
"Villain Of The Day" feat. Klopfenpop, "Tough Guise", "
Don't Panic" feat. MC 117, Milk-Plus and Diabeats, and
the Klopfenopop mix of Supercommuter's "
Itty Bitty Pigeons", closing with a bowl of feature # 4, "Cereal (A Day In
the Life)" feat. mr. spastic, C0splay, & Marc With a C. These tunes and more are yours gratis via the banner below.


Next, we head to Seattle's Southside to rock the tunes "Cheeseburger" (feat. Billy the Fridge), "Shake ‘em Up",
"Take Your Dare (feat. Diabeats)", "Roboto", "Booty Txt (feat. Monda)" and "Spaceout", all from their 2011 CD
Science Diction, before we slide into our fifth featured cut,
"1010011", recorded live at the Crocodile on 8/4/11 by
AlienBobZ. You can download the amazing Science Diction and tons more great music from Southside (more info
HERE) for absolutely free over at scrubclubrecords.com, just click the lefter-most link below.

Science Diction  Lunch
                    Box Soldiers EP  

Finally, we wrap things up with Seattle's own Billy The Fridge, clocking "Lunch Box Soldiers", "Food Fight", "A
Dime A Dozen" and "Beast Mode" from his latest EP, Lunch Box Soldiers, before going down on our salty sixth
special selection, "Lusty Lady", once again
recorded live by AlienBobZ at the Crocodile on 8/4/11. Finally, because
your can never get too much Fridge, we wrap up "Food Fight" and "For The Kids" to go, before closing the show
full circle with the AlienBobZ recording of Supercommuter's "Robot Party". Billy's LBS EP can be purchesed via
the righthand cover above, or snag his recession busting debut Million Dollar Fantasy Freak Show for free by
hitting the G Spot. And being a BoneBat listener, I know you know where that is.   

The LIVE recordings of AlienBobZ can be found via the banner below.
All music in Episode 72
was written and performed by the above artists,  used courtesy of their own bad selves.
Check 'em out via the links above or buy a copy for yourself by clicking appropriate cover.  Be like Steve & Gord,

The musical miscreance of DJ Cheekyboy on the left. Z. and Radio Free Hipster on the right. Both are essential. 

DJ Cheekyboy     Hipster Please    
And don't forget...Halloween is coming...



The Nickle Slots. Photo by Mark Robinson.
The Nickel Slots. Photo by Mark Robinson

"That New Slots Smell!" -  posted 08/14/11

This Episode: Gord and Steve line up another round of shots from Sacramento's
The Nickel Slots on the occasion of their brand new release, "Five Miles Gone"!
Plus, we explain why your favorite fast food joint Doesn't Qualify, raise our glasses
to new What Pisses Us Off and Filthy Jokes, and Gord skips the politics to drop
science in an all new Tin Foil Hat Rant! Finally, we close the bar by closing the
book on
George R. R. Martin's A Dance with Dragons and The Burning Land
by Bernard Cornwell, while casually reviewing Hipsoft's Build-A-Lot and Coin
from Full Fat Games for Multimedia Triage
in this suds-soaked episode
71 of The BoneBat Show!          

Episode Seventy One Music:

This episode we are proud to feature Five Miles Gone, the brand new 2011 release from The Nickel Slots, opening
with "Garberville",
followed by "Five Miles Gone", "Comfort", and our first featured cut, "Slammin' Doors and
Screechin' Tires". We then lend an ear to
"Shirley", "Cory B.", "I Don't Owe You Anything" and "Somehow", before
turning the spotlight on
"The Devil's Chain Gang" for feature number two. We then round out the show with  "Spare
Change", "Freedom", "Same Stars", "49-51", and "Time to Move On", before barrelling to a close with "Let Your
Demons Out".

Five Miles Gone   The Nickel Slots

All music in Episode 71
was written and performed by The Nickel Slots, used courtesy of Paul Zinn and their own
selves. Check 'em out at their offiical site at WWW.THENICKELSLOTSMUCIC.COM, their FaceBook page
HERE, via Myspace page HERE , or snag a copy of their new rounder at CD BABY by clicking the cover of choice
Be like Steve and Gord, and SUPPORT INDEPENDENT MUSIC!                
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                    A Lot

The BoneBat Show is Copyright 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 by G J Caulkins & S J Holetz. All rights reserved.

All music contained within The BoneBat Show is original and copyright of the artist. 


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                BoneBat Show

                BoneBat Show

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