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December 26th, 2007

Congratulations to Scott, owner of the Kirkland Steelers, who held on to defeat the Rockville Rockhounds and
win the 2007 PNW Superbowl! Scott now becomes the latest member of the PNW Hall of Champions!

Congratulations, Scott!

2007 Scott F. - Kirkland Steelers
2006 Steve Holetz - Redmond Ospreys

2005 Tom Mueller - Rowdy Raiders
2004 Stu Carter - Rockville Rockets
2003 Gonzalo Ferreyra- CV Barbers
2002 Steve Holetz - Fightin' Ypsihawks
2001 Julie Holetz - Washington Sea Otters

December 19th, 2007

What’s Up PNW! It is my honor to announce the PNW Superbowl Finalists for the 2007 season:

The Kirkland Steelers versus The Reading Rockhounds!

Reading returns to the final after a 2 year hiatus, while Kirkland makes their first ever appearance! Congratulations
to both of you! In less than one week, one of you will ascend to the ranks of the PNW Hall of Champions!

Also this week, The Raiders and lunkers will compete for 3rd place, while the Ospreys and RUU
vie for the consolation cup. How did it all play out?


W: Kirkland Steelers        138.30                   L: Flathead Lunkers           105.00
The Steelers toppled theLunkers this week, thanks to another big day from Adrian “All Day” Peterson, whose 28.00
pts were enough to secure the Steelers’ first ever PNW Superbowl appearance, as well as a game ball for his efforts.
Top scorers for the Flathead were MJD and London Fletcher. Flathead will make an appearance in runner-up game
this week, in the battle for 3rd place.

W: Reading Rockhounds   155.50                   L: Rowdy Raiders                117.70
That Rockhounds walloped the Raiders to earn their way into their 2nd Superbowl appearance in Four Years, thanks
to huge days from Brees, Colston, Graham and Westy. The Raiders saw strong efforts from LT and Fred Taylor , but
in the end were devastated by an anemic performance from QB Brady, who finally collapsed from the weight of carrying
the Raiders for a full season. The game ball goes to QB Brees with 29.95 pts for Reading. The Raiders will also be seen
in this weeks runner-up game.


W: Rough U Up                    118.00                   L: Leemo's Chumps            99.60
RUU Roughed Up Leemo one last time this week, behind big defensive efforts from Urlacher, Lewis, & Williams.
Jamal Lewis was the highlight of the Chump lineup, but even his excellent performance wasn’t enough to save the
day. RUU advances to the Consolation Bracket Final

 W: Redmond Ospreys        143.10                   L: Snowy Owls                     143.05
The Snowy Owls and Ospreys beat each other up in this battle of the birds, each with solid efforts across the roster. 
The Ospreys jumped ahead early with a solid team effort, but were caught from behind by the DB Owls Charles
Tillman on MNF. In the end the Ospreys held on for a scant .05 pt victory. The Ospreys also advance to the to
the Consolation Bracket Final.

Weekly Leaders!
PNW Player of the Week:                   QB Drew Brees, Rockhounds, 29.95 pts
PNW Underachiever of the Week       QB Tom Brady, Raiders, 5.30 pts
PNW Bench Player of the Week         RB Steven Jackson, Rockhounds, 27.40 pts
PNW Defensive Player of the Week    DB Charles Tillamn, Owls, 24.00 pts

That’s it for this week. There are Thursday and Saturday games this week, so set those rosters early!
So until next week, congratulations to the finalists on a fine season! and Merry Christmas to all!
See you on the field! 

December 12th, 2007
What up, PNW?! Round one of the playoffs is complete, and four more teams have been unceremoniously
ushered into the postseason. So without further ado:


 W: Rowdy Raiders     208.00                     L: Redmond Ospreys    99.25
The defending champs were dispatched in short order this week, thanks to the awesome firepower of the
Rowdy Raiders, who racked up the weeks high score once again behind LT, Brady and a cast of thousands.
Top performers for Redmond were Jason Witten and Andre Johnson, but in the end it wasn’t even close.
Tom Brady earns PNW player of the week honors for a season high 4th time with his 44.45 pts in the Raider

W: Kirkland Steelers      118.60                    L: Rough U Up     104.40
It was one and done for the regular season champs this week, as the finally met their match in the scrappy Steelers.
Kirkland’s Randy Moss and Clinton Portis carried the mail in this one, while Rough U Up saw a strong swan-
song performance from QB Romo, if little else. Moss gets the game ball for the Steelers with his 27.00 pts,
while the Rough Bunch “RUU’s” the day it went up against Kirkland.   

W: Reading Rockhounds    187.80                    L: Snowy Owls       147.55
The Owls were ravaged by the Rockhounds this week, knocked out of the playoffs by strong efforts from
’s Graham and Westbrook, and the stellar Saint duo of Brees and Colston.  The Owls saw 8 players
put up double digits, but ulktimately fell short. 34.50 pts earns Bress a game Ball for the Rockhounds.


W: Flathead Lunkers         141.45                    L: Leemo's Chumps    141.00
And in one of the closest games of the season, the Lunkers leaned on Leemo to give the Chumps their lumps
and glean the slightest of victories, propelled by powerful performances from Grant, Jones and Fitzgerald.
Highlights for the Chumps were provided by mighty efforts from Addai and Lewis, who nevertheless gets
a game ball for his 29.30 pts in the loss.

Weekly Leaders!

PNW Player of the Week:                   QB Tom Brady, Raiders, 44.45 pts
PNW Underachiever of the Week       TE Jeremy Shockey, RUU, 0.90 pts
PNW Bench Player of the Week         QB David Garrard, Raiders, 26.40 pts
PNW Defensive Player of the Week   DB Marcus Trufant, Raiders, 28.00 pts

Which leaves us with this week playoff matchups:

(8) Kirkland Steelers vs. (5) Flathead Lunkers

(6) Rowdy Raiders vs. (2) Reading Rockhounds

And in the consolation round:

(1) Rough U Up vs. (4) Leemo's Chumps

(3) Redmond Ospreys vs. (7) Snowy Owls

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget to set those rosters early, as Houston takes on Denver Thursday night!
So until next week, congratulations to those who are advancing, and see you on the field!  

December 5th, 2007

Well, here it is! The final regular season recap of 2007! Without further ado:

Week Thirteen!

W: Kirkland Steelers        140.95                   L: Castro Valley Barber    117.75

The Steelers consolidated their hold on the PNW’s final playoff slot this week by dashing the Barber’s playoff
hopes with solid games from Peterson and Portis. CV was hamstrung by the early injury to QB Favre, but can
take pride in their defensive effort and a great game from WR Torry Holt.  “All Day’ Peterson gets a game ball
for his 26.60 pt share of the Steeler win.

W: Rough U Up                    200.85                   L: Finn Hill Marauders      109.70
RUU proved once again why they are the regular season Champs, sending Finn Hill Carrening into the offseason
behind Romo, Reggie Wayne and Braylon. The Marauders were led once again by team MVP Matt Hasselbeck,
who was ably assisted by DB Jermaine Phillips. 36.45 pts provides QB Tony Romo with another game ball for
the RUU mantle.

W: Reading Rockhounds   207.35                   L: Rowdy Raiders                163.35
Reading closed out the season in high style this week, using the weeks high score to avenge a week 4 loss with an
absolute shellacking of “the other” RR. The Raiders were led by a big game from LT, and an almost human Tom
Brady, while the Rockhounds Patrick Willis led nine players in double digit scoring. LT gets the game Ball with
35.50 in the loss. 

W: Redmond Ospreys        155.65                   L: Flathead Lunkers           93.15
The Ospreys found themselves beneficiaries of another solid if not flashy team effort this week, with 7 double-
digit earners contributing to the victory. The Lunkers were crippled by scratchs from QB Bulger and WR Fitz,
and simply couldn’t recover despite a great game from recently acquired RB Ryan Grant. Redmond RB Justin
Fargas earns a game ball for his 26.70 pt day.


W: Snowy Owls                   149.00                   L: Leemo's Chumps            136.30
The playoff bound Chumps coasted into the postseason this week, apparently resting the formidable Gates and
Addai and allowing the Owls to edge Leemo out in the season’s final tilt, this giving the owls ownership of the
penultimate playoff berth. Keys to the Owl victory were excellent performances from QB Derek Anderson,
T-Gonz, and the mighty Merriman, while Leemo was led once again by TO, who gets a game ball for his efforts.   

Weekly Leaders!

PNW Player of the Week:                   QB Tony Romo, RUU, 36.45 pts
PNW Underachiever of the Week       QB Brett Favre, Barber, -3.20
PNW Bench Player of the Week         QB Peyton Manning, Marauders, 37.90 pts
PNW Defensive Player of the Week   LB Patrick Willis, Rockhounds, 35.00 pts


Rank Team W-L-T Pct Pts Streak Waiver Moves
*1. Rough U Up 11-2-0 .846 2108.25 W-7 1 9
*2. Reading Rockhounds 10-3-0 .769 2113.10 W-2 6 19
*3. Redmond Ospreys 10-3-0 .769 1966.70 W-4 10 22
*4. Leemo's Chumps 7-6-0 .538 1928.70 L-2 5 9
*5. Flathead Lunkers 6-7-0 .462 1705.00 L-1 9 11
*6. Rowdy Raiders 5-7-1 .423 1795.80 L-2 7 15
*7. Snowy Owls 5-8-0 .385 1782.60 W-1 4 16
*8. Kirkland Steelers 5-8-0 .385 1654.25 W-1 2 5
9. Castro Valley Barber 3-10-0 .231 1688.95 L-1 3 10
10. Finn Hill Marauders 2-10-1 .192 1310.50 L-5 8 3
*clinched playoff spot.

Congrats to everyone on another great PNW season! Chicago takes on Washington
Thursday night, so don't neglect those playoff lineups!
Until then,see you on the field!

December 4th, 2007
What's Up PNW? Week 13 is in the books, and there were no real changes in the standings this week,
as the Snowy Owls and Kirkland Steelers both won their final games to clinch those precious final playoff spots.
As such, the week one matchups are as follows:

(1) Rough U Up vs. (8) Kirkland Steelers
(4) Leemo's Chumps vs. (5) Flathead Lunkers
(3) Redmond Ospreys vs. (6) Rowdy Raiders
(2) Reading Rockhounds vs. (7) Snowy Owls

Weekly recap to come, but in the meantime, there is a Thursday game this week, so don't forget to get those lineups
set early.

November 28th, 2007
What Up, PNW League? The playoffs are only a week away, as we roll into the final week of the regular season.
The 2 final slots have yet to be decided, so much is riding on the next set of games! Since this week matchups
were fairly decisive, I will keep these recaps short. But before I do, I’d just like to say I hope you all have enjoyed
this season as much as I have!   Now, without further ado:

Week Twelve Recap!

W: Redmond Ospreys         176.65                  L: Kirkland Steelers 112.45
New acquisitions Justin Fargas and Kolby Smith were the keys to Redmond’s overcoming the injury bug, as
they took one from the Steelers. Kirkland LB Michael Boley gets the game ball for his 31 pt effort.

W: Castro Valley Barber  172.05                   L: Finn Hill Marauders      101.95
The once-again-healthy Frank Gore put up a big 41 pts to lead the Barber to victory over Finn Hill, and garner
PNW player of the week honors.

W: Flathead Lunkers         167.85                   L: Leemo's Chumps            124.50
The Lunkers caught Leemo napping this week, getting the both a win and a game ball win thanks to a big
34.1 pt day from superstar WR Larry Fitzgerald.

W: Reading Rockhounds   162.95                   L: Snowy Owls                     131.75
Defense was the key to the Rockhound victory this week, as rookie LB Patrick Willis put up 37.50 to help
Reading ice the Snowy Owls.  Willis earns D Player of the week honors, as well as a game ball. 

W: Rough U Up                    177.45                   L: Rowdy Raiders                123.35
RUU rolled to a 6th straight victory, proving that they deserve the #1 seed, led by WR Chad Johnson, whose
34.30 pt performance earns a game ball.  

Weekly Leaders!
PNW Player of the Week:                   RB Frank Gore, Barber, 41 pts
PNW Underachiever of the Week       RB Adrian Peterson, Steelers, 0 pts, Again DNP
PNW Bench Player of the Week         QB Jay Cutler, Steelers, 27.50 pts
PNW Defensive Player of the Week   LB Patrick Willis, Rockhounds, 37.50

Green Bay and Dallas take the field Thursday evening, so don’t forget those lineups! Until then,
see you on the field!

November 22th, 2007
What Up PNW League? Two more teams made it to the promised land this week, as the Lunkers and Raiders
clinched that all important playoff berth! Meanwhile, the remaining teams don’t have long to regroup, as the week’s
games kick off in just a few hours! Since we are all looking forward to Thanksgiving, I’ll keep his one short and
sweet. Without further ado:


W: Redmond Ospreys 148.55                           L: Finn Hill Marauders      139.05
Finn Hill jumped out to an early lead versus the Ospreys this week, thanks to big games from QB Hasselbeck,
TE Cooley, and DB Roy Williams. However, Redmond had a wildcard up his sleeve, and was able to ride
Monday night performances from RB Selvin Young and LB Keith Bullock to a come from behind win! Hasselbeck
gets a game ball for his 36.55 pt effort on behalf of the Marauders.

W: Rough U Up    187.65                                   L: Castro Valley Barber    144.20
RUU remains unstoppable, as they pulled together a 5th straight win over Castro Valley this week,  riding big
performances from QB Romo and LB Ray Lewis to victory. Bright spots for the Barber were the alphabet
soup worthy tandem of Favre and Houshmandzadeh. Ray Lewis’s excellent 41 pt defensive effort earns the
game ball in this one.

W: Leemo's Chumps 194.80                            L: Kirkland Steelers          136.15
The Chumps also continued their winning streak this week, putting the week’s high score to good use in a 4th
straight over the Steelers. Leemo’s finest were propelled by a monster performance from WR Terrell Owens,
who was ably assisted by QB Gracia & RB Addai. The Steelers were led by WR Randy Moss and QB
Eli Manning, both with superb games. This game ball goes to TO, with 42.80 in the Chump victory.

W: Rowdy Raiders 180.45                                 L: Snowy Owls                     114.80
The Raiders evened the season series against their Barrow brethren this week, taking one back from the
Snowy Owls thanks to #1 draft pick LT and another huge effort from QB Tom Brady. Top scoring for the
Owls was provided by QB Anderson, WR Boldin and DB Charles Tillman. Brady warns PNW Player of
the Week honors once again, with his staggering 49.75 pt effort.


 W: Flathead Lunkers 144.00                           L:Reading Rockhounds    137.25
The Rockhounds returned to the game of the week, but ended up on the wrong end of things as they fell
victim to the resurgent Lunkers. Flathead employed an excellent team effort to secure the win, with 8 players
putting up double digits. Reading meanwhile was led by strong showings from the deadly RB duo of McGahee
and S-Jax, but were let down at QB by a lackluster game from Roethlisberger. Reading takes some consolation
from the game ball earned by McGahee’s 21 pt performance.  

PNW Player of the Week:                   QB Tom Brady, Raiders, 49.75 pts
PNW Underachiever of the Week       RB Adrian Peterson, Steelers, 0 pts, DNP
PNW Bench Player of the Week         RB Chester Taylor, Lunkers, 38.90 pts
PNW Defensive Player of the Week    LB Ray Lewis, RUU, 41.00 pts (2nd Straight!)

Well that’s it for this week! Games will be starting soon, so get those lineups in! In closing,
I‘d just like to wish you all a happy, healthy and tremendously bountiful Thanksgiving!

So until…errrr…later today…See you on the field!

November 13th, 2007

What up PNW? It's time once again for that most-awaited of missives! 


W: Leemo's Chumps            116.30                     L: Finn Hill Marauders        62.30

It was All Chumps, All the time this week, as Leemo's finest doubled up the Marauders to clinch their first ever
PNW playoff berth! TO led all scoring with a game-ball worthy 29.5 for Leemo, while DB Roy Williams was
the main breadwinner for the Marauders with 18.

W: Reading Rockhounds    159.50                     L: Kirkland Steelers              97.00
The Rockhounds ran roughshod over frequent trade partners the Steelers this week, led by a tremendous
42.8 pt day from disgruntled former Steeler Brian Westbrook, who was clearly out to make a statement
against the club who spurned him. Top scorers for Kirkland were Clinton Portis & Demarcus Ware.
The aforementioned Westy is named PNW player of the week for Reading.

W: Flathead Lunkers           211.95                     L: Rowdy Raiders 103.60
The Lunkers were nothing is not resilient this week, bouncing back from last week's dismal showing to
put up the season's highest score, with every single player scoring 12 pts or higher! The Raiders meanwhile
proved that they aren’t nearly as tough without big bad Tom Brady to protect ‘em. Flathead QB Marc Bulger
earns a welcome back Game ball for his 27.20 game.

W: Rough U Up   196.45                                     L: Snowy Owls     125.25
The Snowy owls got plucked this week by the red hot RUU, who racked up a 4th straight win behind the stellar
scoring of QB Tony Romo & WR Reggie Wayne. The Owls meanwhile saw fine efforts from Warner and Ward.
This game ball goes to Romo who scored Roughly 33 in the victory.


W: Redmond Ospreys         129.85                     L: Castro Valley Barber       121.85
There were bold proclamations coming from Castro Valley this week, as the trash talking Barbers pointed Ruth-like
at the standings and said: "I'm looking at 3-7 after this week!!" Unfortunately, it takes more than just lip to topple the
Ospreys, who jumped to an early lead with solid games from the other Roy Williams, Lynch and Jacobs. The Door
was open for CV to back up their claims,  but Frank Gore and Julian Peterson couldn't quite close the gap on
Monday night.  The defending Champs clinch a playoff berth with the W, while Brett Favre earns the game ball with
his excellent 35.75 effort in the loss.

Weekly Leaders!
PNW Player of the Week:                   RB Brian Westbrook, Rockhounds, 42.80 pts
PNW Underachiever of the Week       QB Damon Huard, Rowdy Raiders, -4.85
PNW Bench Player of the Week        
QB Ben Roethlisberger, Rockhounds, 36.30 pts (2nd Straight!)
PNW Defensive Player of the Week    LB Ray Lewis, RUU, 23.00 pts

That's it for now. Bye weeks are over, so FINALLY you have your entire arsenals at your command!
So Until Sunday, Good luck, and see you on the field!

November 7th, 2007
What up PNW? Things are getting interesting as we enter the home stretch of the regular season.
With big wins this week, The Rockhounds and RUU have clinched playoff spots. The Ospreys
are in a tailspin, having lost multiple running backs as well as 2 straight, leaving them open to the
suddenly red-hot Chumps and Snowy Owls. Who will move on to PNW history? Who will
go home early? Soon we shall know all, but now, with out further ado:  


W: Leemo's Chumps            206.60     L: Castro Valley Barber       114.90
Leemo won their 2nd straight behind the incredible one-two punch of RB's Jamal Lewis & Joseph
Addai, each with 40+. CV did their best to cover, led by QB Brett Favre, but it ended in tears.
The Game Ball goes to Lewis with 40.40 in the big Chump Win.

W: Reading Rockhounds   210.05     L: Finn Hill Marauders        85.65
The Rockhounds continue to roll toward the postseason this week, putting up the season's highest score in
dispatching the Marauders. Reading had 9 players score in the digits to clinch their playoff spot, while QB
Peyton Manning was again Finn Hill's bright spot. QB Drew Brees gets the game ball for the double R.

W: Kirkland Steelers            188.20     L: Rowdy Raiders                 114.75
The Rowdy Raiders received a painful pounding at the hands of the Steelers this week, thanks to the
punishing pair of Peterson and Portis.  Brady and Burleson brought their "A" games for the Raiders,
but they suffered a zero from D. Bowe and a defensive no show, Oh no. "All Day" Peterson earns PNW
Player of the Week honors once again with an even 50.00 for the Steelers.

W: Snowy Owls   150.00                     L: Flathead Lunkers             91.90
The Lunkers were buried by the Snowy Owls, as they continued to suffer bye week trouble. The Owls
meanwhile were led in scoring by a game ball worthy Greg Jennings with 24.00 at WR, and the ageless


W: Rough U Up   149.90                     L: Redmond Ospreys           143.35
Rough U Up came up big in prime time once again this week, knocking the Ospreys out of their
first place perch while simultaneously clinching a playoff birth. RUU jumped out to a big early
lead behind QB Tony Romo and RB Reggie Bush. Redmond battled back with big MNF
performances from TE Heath Evans and WR Santonio Holmes, But LB Ray Lewis was able
to single handedly hold off the birds and secure the Rough victory. The Ospreys don't come
away totally empty handed though, as RB Marshawn Lynch's 31.80 garners a consolation game ball.

Weekly Leaders!
PNW Player of the Week:                   RB Adrian Peterson, Steelers, 50.00 pts
PNW Underachievers of the Week      The Lunkers
PNW Bench Player of the Week        
QB Ben Roethlisberger, Rockhounds, 40.45 pts
PNW Defensive Player of the Week    LB Rocky McIntosh, Owls, 36.00 pts

That's all for this week. Good news: This is the final week for BYE's, so we
can all look forward to using our entire rosters again! What a novel idea!
Until Sunday, see you on the field!

November 1st, 2007
What up, Ghouls and Goblins? It was one crazy Halloween weekend in the PNW, and appropriately
enough, there were scares and treats galore! When the weekend was over, we were left with a three-
headed monster atop the leaderboard, two teams were deadlocked in the first tie in league history,
and a freakish effort from a Linebacker on offense resulted in the first player ever to capture
both Player of the week AND Defensive player of the week honors!  So, without further ado:


 W: Leemo's Chumps            190.60                     L: Redmond Ospreys           133.55
The high flying Ospreys were laid low at the bloody hand’s of Leemo this week, thanks to huge
efforts from Addai, Gates, Galloway and LB Mike Vrabel, whose huge effort on both sides of the
ball figured large in the upset-tastic outcome. Redmond put in a solid team effort, but it wasn’t
even close. Vrabel earns both Player of the week AND Defensive player of the week honors
with his 48.85 pts in the slaughter. The Ospreys now fall into a three way tie for the league lead
with the loss.

W: Reading Rockhounds   151.80                     L: Castro Valley Barber       144.65
The Rockhounds edged out the Barber to capture a share of first place atop the leaderboard,
led by QB Roethlisberger, (man, am I getting tired of typing that…) RB Westbrook, and an
excellent defensive showing.  CV’s saw fine scoring from Brett Favre and six others, but their
fate was ultimately decided by a last minute scratch from RB Travis Henry. Despite the loss,
Favre gets the game ball for his 27.95 in that amazing Monday night finish.

T: Rowdy Raiders                91.20                       T: Finn Hill Marauders        91.20
In another PNW first, The Raiders and Marauders finished the weeks in a scoring in a dead tie,
with neither team able to break the deadlock. This was made even more amazing considering both
squads got double gooseggs from their respective defenses, mostly the result of bye week players
left in the lineups. A game ball goes to Tom Brady yet again…

W: Snowy Owls                          170.70                     L: Kirkland Steelers              77.90
The Owls roundly routed the Steelers on Sunday to tie both swuads up at 3-5 in the standings. The
Owls ironically were let by actual Steelers Willie Parker and Hines Ward, while Kirkland had a
tough day as many of their superhuman players transformed back into normal football players for
the day. A 30.40 day earns Owl QB Derek Anderson a game ball in the victory.


W: Rough U Up                          145.30                     L: Flathead Lunkers             141.35
In the first Rockville–free Game of the Week in recent memory, the Lunkers jumped out to a
formidable early lead behind LB’s Will Witherspoon and London Fletcher-Baker. It looked like
Flathead had the game in the bag, however RUU’s defense came to the rescue on Monday Night
to pull off the come from behind win, thanks to their own strong defensive performance from Champ
Bailey and DJ Williams. RUU’s Braylon Edwards earns a game ball with 27.70 on the day, helping
Rough U Up to also grab a share of first place.  

Weekly Leaders!
PNW Player of the Week:                   LB Mike Vrabel, Chumps, 48.85 pts
PNW Underachievers of the Week      The Raider and Marauder Defenses
PNW Bench Player of the Week         QB Drew Brees, Rockhounds,  40.80 pts
PNW Defensive Player of the Week    LB Mike Vrabel, Chumps, 48.85 pts

That's it for this Halloween edition of the weekly recap. Until next time, there are only 2
more left, so DON'T FORGET THOSE BYE WEEKS! Until Sunday, see you on the field!

October 26th, 2007
What up PNW? It was one amazing topsy-turvy week 7, as the league saw it’s most competitive
slate of games thus far, with 3 matchups decided by less than 5 points! Upsets! Defeat snatched
from the jaws of victory! All took place in the PNW this week. So without Further ado:


W: Castro Valley Barber 160.40                         L: Rowdy Raiders 157.20
CV pulled off the upset of the week, toppling the Raiders and racking up the viagra high score
in the process.  The Raiders meanwhile had the bad luck of playing the only team that could have
beat him in week 7, with a huge Brady effort denied by the more balanced attack of the Barber
WR law firm of Welker, Roddy and Housh. Rowdy QB Tom Brady should feel good about
earning PNW Player of the week honors with his stunning 53.70 pt performance.               

W: Finn Hill Marauders      101.40                     L: Snowy Owls     96.70
Finn Hill ended their three week losing streak with a big win over the reeling Owls, led by strong days
from Seahawks Hasslebeck and Josh Brown, while the Snowy Owls saw strong efforts WR’s Boldin
and Mason squandered by a devastating -3.75 pt performance from QB Bulger. Anquan Boldin gets
the game ball for his 18.90 in the loss.         

W: Flathead Lunkers 150.30                               L: Kirkland Steelers              107.85
A strong running attack was the key for Flathead this week, as the Lunkers steamrolled the Steelers
behind devastating efforts from RB’s Kevin Jones, Larry Johnson and MJD.  Bright spots for Kirkland
were Portis and Randy Moss, with Adrian Peterson returning to earth a bit. In a rare occurance, this
Game Ball goes to LB London Fletcher-Baker for 34.00 in the win.

W: Rough U Up   155.45                                     L:Leemo's Chumps               138.95
The Chumps took their lumps this week at the hands of the Rough U Up defense, all three RUU players
scoring 20 plus to secure the victory. Leemo’s squad was no slouch however, with 8 players hitting the
double digit mark, but it just wasn’t enough on this given Sunday. RUU LB Ray Lewis gets a Game ball
with 22.00 on the day.


W: Redmond Ospreys         154.60                     L:Reading Rockhounds      153.45
The Rockhounds had put up a seemingly insurmountable early lead, racking up big points with QB Brees,
and RB’s Graham and McGahee. However, Redmond found its resurgence in a big crunch-time effort from
WR Santonio Holmes, who put up 16 on Monday to secure the victory. Ironically, Holmes Real life QB
Ben Roethlisberger sat the bench in Rockville this week, with a 31.80 performance that would have made
the all difference. LB Demeco Ryans is the third LB this week to get a game ball, plus D player of the week
honors for his 38.00 pt day for the Ospreys.
Weekly Leaders!
PNW Player of the Week:                   QB Tom Brady, Raiders, 53.70 pts
PNW Underachiever of the Week       QB Marc Bulger, Snowy Owls,  -3.75 pts
PNW Bench Player of the Week         QB Ben Roethlisberger, Rockhounds,  34.00 pts
PNW Defensive Player of the Week    LB Demeco Ryans, Ospreys, 38 pts

That's it for this week's edition. Until next time: See you on the field!

October 20th, 2007
As a little somethin' somethin' extra this week, I thought I'd pass along this amusing Fantasy Football article from
ESPN's Bill Simmons. Enjoy!

October 18th, 2007

What Up, PNW? You know, some weeks things just don’t go your way. Like the when the Seahawks getting
embarrassed by a winless Saints on National TV. But no matter the depths of my depression, the show must go
on. So, without further ado:




W: Rowdy Raiders 185.45     L:Redmond Ospreys 124.15

The Raiders pulled off upset of the week, crushing the previously unbeaten Ospreys behind truly ridiculous days
from QB Tom Brady and RB LT. The Ospreys simply couldn’t keep up, totaling their lowest score of the season.
This Game Ball goes to LT with 49.30 for the Raiders.

W:Snowy Owls 195.95             L:Castro Valley Barber 152.20

The Owls racked up the Viagra "Grand Tally of the Week", knocking off the CV Barber with a true team effort,
all but one Owl player putting up double digit scores. Top scoring for CV came from the unstoppable WR tandem
of Housh and Welker, each with 30+, but this was not enough to keep things competitive. Game Ball: QB Derek
Anderson with 38.05 for the Owls.


W:Flathead Lunkers 135.70     L:Finn Hill Marauders 91.80

The Lunkers beat up on the Marauders this week behind strong games from the RB duo of Larry Johnson and
MJD. Matt Hasselbeck put up th high score for Finn Hill, with 28.6. Maurice Jones-Drew gets the game ball
for his 37.40 game for Flathead.


W: Kirkland Steelers 180.80     L:Rough U Up 161.35 

The Steelers handed a second straight loss to the suddenly reeling Rough U Up, carried my a staggering 50 pt
PNW Player of the week worthy effort from new RB Adrian Peterson. RUU meanwhile should feel good about
an excellent performance from their own new acquisition Braylon Edwards, whose 27.20 led the scoring for RUU.
Game Ball: Adrian Peterson 50.20 pts.



W: Reading Rockhounds 138.40      L:Leemo's Chumps 136.85
In the week's closest matchup once again, the Rockohounds (How DOES he do it???) narrowly edged out the
Chumps to earn a second straight win, led by rejuvenated WR Steve Smith and new acquisition Brian Westbrook.
Bright spots for the Chumps were RB Ronnie Brown and DB Charles Woodson.  Game Ball: Steve Smith with
26.35 for Rockville.

Weekly Leaders!

PNW Player of the Week:                   RB Adrian Peterson, Steelers, 50.20 pts
PNW Underachiever of the Week       WR Santana Moss, Marauders,  -2.90 pts
PNW Bench Player of the Week         QB Jason Campbell, Snowy Owls,  20.65 pts
PNW Defensive Player of the Week    LB  Zach Thomas, Rockhounds, 22 pts

Well, that's it for this week, so until next time: See you on the field!

October 10th, 2007
What Up, PNW? I’m in a crunch for time this week, so without further ado:


W: Redmond Ospreys        151.90                   L: Snowy Owls 139.20
The Ospreys rode a big MNF game from Jason Witten to pull off a come from behind victory, edging out
solid performances across the board for the Owls. Game Ball: QB Rivers, Ospreys.

W: Flathead Lunkers         131.30                   L: Castro Valley Barber    122.30
The Lunkers make it back to the W column for the first time this season, behind great games from MJD
and Fitzgerald. CV has another tough week, but see improved scoring as a team. Can victory be far behind?
Game Ball: WR Larry Fitzgerald, Lunkers

W: Kirkland Steelers        117.60                   L: Finn Hill Marauders      87.85
It was Civil War in Kirkland this week, pitting husband vs. wife and brother vs. brother (Peyton v. Eli, that is).
Peyton may have won the battle for Finn Hill, but the Steelers won the war.
Game Ball: Peyton Manning, Marauders.

Rowdy Raiders                     106.80                   L:Leemo's Chumps             90.50
The Raiders made it 2 in a row this week, climbing over both .500 and Leemo to do so.
Game Ball: QB Tom Brady, Raiders, yet again.

W: Reading Rockhounds   142.70                   L: Rough U Up                      129.05
Reading shows up in the game of the week for the 3rd straight, this time earning an impressive come from
behind victory that never would have happened without 6 turnovers from the losing RUU QB Tony Romo.
Game Ball: TE Ben Watson, Rockhounds.

Weekly Leaders!
PNW Player of the Week:                   QB Phillip Rivers, Ospreys, 31.40 pts
PNW Underachiever of the Week       QB Tony Romo, RUU, 10.35 pts, but -18 pts in turnovers.
PNW Bench Player of the Week         LB Lance Briggs, Rockhounds,  32 pts
PNW Defensive Player of the Week    LB  Barrett Ruud, Ospreys, 20 pts

Well, that's it for now! This is one hairy week for byes, with 6 teams out of action, so plan accordingly!
Until Sunday...See you on the field! - Commish

October 3rd, 2007
What Up, PNW? Week four is officially in the books, and this week was exciting as ever. Scoring was
down this this week as a result of the byes, with a few teams dropping below 100 points. Meanwhile
the league saw it’s first blockbuster trade of the season as the Rockhounds and Steelers exchanged
superstuds, each maneuvering with an eye towards the postseason. Will the youth and awesome potential
of Adrian Peterson pave the way for Steeler postseason success? Or will Reading's acquisition of
reception-league-powerhouse Westbrook  result in a playoff payoff? Should YOU make a trade to
better your team if you want to keep up with the movers and shakers? All will soon be revealed,
but in the meantime, without further ado:


W: Redmond Ospreys        116.35                   L: Flathead Lunkers           67.55
The Champs had no business winning this week given their lowest score of the season, but were fortunate
to draw a Lunkers team who apparently forgot about the bye week.Top Ospreys were RB Marshawn
Lynch and TE Jason Witten with 16 apiece, while Lunker Larry Johnson gets the game ball with 18.80 in
the loss.

W: Castro Valley Barber  129.50                   L: Kirkland Steelers          83.65
Castro Valley showed signs of life this week as they upset Kirkland to secure their first win of the season
thanks to strong outings from Frank Gore and the ever-consistant TJ Houshmandzadeh. The Steelers
unfortunately were hampered by a last minute scratch from Westy, and total lack of defensive scoring.
On the bright side, Kirkland gets a game ball for Moss’s 26.7 pt performance.    

W: Rough U Up                    151.65                   L: Finn Hill Marauders      104.95
RUU continued its winning ways this week, as they toppled Finn Hill’s finest in week 5 action, thanks to
a huge 40.65 pt game from QB Tony Romo. The Marauders simply had one of those weeks, so I will
belabor it no further. Romo earns PNW player of the week honors for his outstanding effort.  

W: Leemo's Chumps          157.60                   L: Snowy Owls                     131.40
The Chumps kept up the pressure this week, racking up the week’s high score to keep the Owls below
.500, and accrue their second straight “W”. Leemo’s pride was led by the RB Tandem of Addai and
Brown, while the Owls saw double digits from 8 players and still fell short. Ronnie Brown’s 31.2 is
game ball worthy for the victorious Chumps.

And finally:    

W: Rowdy Raiders              145.25                   L: Reading Rockhounds    140.30

This matchup does double duty as both the game and upset of the week, as the Raiders edged out the
Rockhounds in this battle of former PNW Champions! Reading, who is making a habit of appearing in these GOW's,
looked to maintain it’s unbeaten status as they jumped to a big early lead behind QB Roethlisberger, RB Adrian
Peterson, and DROY candidate Patrick Willis. The Raiders were undeterred by the Rockhounds apparent ferocity
however, and soon found themselves on the receiving end of improbable Monday Night efforts from Patriots
Tom Brady and Sammy Morris, cementing a narrow come-from-behind victory! This game ball goes to
Tom “Mueller” Brady for his 36.85 in the win.

Weekly Leaders!
PNW Player of the Week:                   QB Tony Romo, RUU, 40.65
PNW Underachiever of the Week       RB Brian Westbrook, Steelers, 0 pts
PNW Bench Player of the Week         WR Patrick Crayton, Owls,  36.15 pts!
PNW Defensive Player of the Week    LB  Patrick Willis, Rockhounds, 22 pts

Well, that's it for this week, so patch those defenses and mind those bye-weeks.
(You know who you are!) Until Sunday, See you on the field!

September 25th, 2007
What up PNW? Another week is in the books, and the standings are getting interesting, as teams begin that climb from
middle of the pack to top of the pile! Without further ado:

W: Redmond Ospreys 201.60         L: Kirkland Steelers 123.80
It was another week of insane scoring for the champion Ospreys, as they took out the Steelers to garner both
the win and the "Viagra high score of the week", much to the bemusement of Mrs. Osprey.  Kirkland was bedeviled
by double gooseggs on the defensive front, but can take pride in Top scorer Randy Moss, who has been absolutely
on fire in the early going this season. PNW player of  the week honors go to Brian Westbrook, with an even 44 for

W: Finn Hill Marauders 136.85          L: Castro Valley Barber 109.45
The Marauders made short work of the reeling Barber this week, thanks to QB Peyton Manning, DB Anthony Henry,
and a defensively narcoleptic owner in Castro Valley. Game Ball goes to Barber QB Donovan McNabb who racked
up 41.05 in the losing effort.

W: Leemo's Chumps 135.75             L: Flathead Lunkers 128.30
The Chumps are proving to be exceedingly scrappy this season, nipping the Lunkers at the buzzer for a tightly
contested win. Fortunately, Leemo was able to pull off the victory without needing the earth shattering 46.40
pt performance of bench player of the week Ronnie Brown, thanks to solid efforts from QB Kitna and RB Addai.
The Lunkers were led by strong days from London Fletcher and Vince Young. Game Ball goes to Kitna with
25.60 pts in the victory.
W: Rough U Up 152.30                   L: Rowdy Raiders 130.65
Rough U Up continues it's strongest start in team history with it's 3rd straight win, staying unbeaten after a
head to head with the Raiders. RUU was riding high again this week thank to double digit scoring from no
fewer than 9 players, making the win truly a team effort. Top scorer for the Raiders was QB Tom Brady , whose
36.85 pts earns him a game ball for the 2nd straight week, if not the win.
That is, if you don' t count the huge
effort from WR Kevin Curtis moldering on the bench.

W: Reading Rockhounds 128.60      L: Snowy Owls 121.70
In a strange turnaround from their scoring from last week, both the Rockhounds and Owls returned to earth in a
low scoring, closely fought affair, with Reading managing to maintain an undefeated record. The Rockhounds were
able to do so despite
a dissappointing day from last week's game-baller Steve Smith, thanks to a 7-player, double
digit parlay
. The Owls had their own troubles, thanks to a career low -3 day from QB Marc Bulger that all but
erased a monster effort from WR Anquan Boldin. Boldin gets a game ball for his 37.10 pts on the Owls' behalf.

Weekly Leaders!
PNW Player of the Week:                  RB Brian Westbrook, Ospreys, 44.00 pts
PNW Underachiever of the Week       QB Marc Bulger, Owls, -3 pts
PNW Bench Player of the Week         RB Ronnie Brown, RUU, 46.40 pts!!!!!
PNW Defensive Player of the Week    LB  Demeco Ryans, Ospreys, 23 pts

Well, that's it for now! Bye weeks begin this weekend, so keep that in mind when setting those rosters! Until Sunday...
See you on the field! - Commish

September 22th, 2007
What up PNW? I'm running late this week due to some kidcentric vacation time , so here’s a little PNW
recap lightning round! Without further ado:


W: Redmond Ospreys 172.80      L: Finn Hill Marauders     110.00
The Ospreys continued to wear the mantle of Champion proudly ths week, fending off the Marauders for a week
two triumph. Game Ball – Osprey Chad Johnson 38.40 pts

W: Rough U Up     168.15         L:Castro Valley Barber     100.20
Rough U Up is making a real run this year in the early going, with a second straight awesome week against a reeling
Barber squad. And RUU owner Eddie, an avowed Browns fan, doesn’t even feel bad about doing it on the back
of Bengal QB Carson Palmer. Game ball – RUU Carson Palmer 51.25 pts    

W: Kirkland Steelers 168.80     L: Leemo's Chumps     137.75
The Steelers rebounded nicely to from last weeks loss to keep the Chumps honest.
Game Ball – Chump Jamal Lewis, 30.30 pts.

W:Reading Rockhounds     211.90   L:Flathead Lunkers     138.50    
Reading racks up a second consecutive high score of the week over the Lunkers. Will they follow their annual trend
of burning exceedingly hot before a precipitous plunge into oblivion? Time will tell.
Game Ball – Rockhound Steve Smith, 39.30 pts 

W:Snowy Owls     160.00         L:Rowdy Raiders     141.75
The Snowy Owls take this frosty installment of the Barrow Bowl, evening both teams to 1-1 on the season.
Game Ball, Raider Tom Brady, 29.25 pts.  

That's it for now! Get those lineups in, and See you on the field!

September 11th, 2007
What up PNW? Week one is in the books, and what a week it was! Former champs were toppled, new faces
ascended the leaderboard, and all this happened with the weeks top 3 scorers SITTING ON THE BENCH! You
can't make this stuff up people! Without further ado:

Week One Recap!

W: Redmond Ospreys 157.60            L: Castro Valley Barber 99.50
Last year's champs wasted no time in returning to their winning ways these week, as they took the field in
another hairy showdown with the Barber. The Ospreys were led in victory by former Barber Shaun Alexander,
had an excellent day, revenge-minded due to the shabby treatment given him by his former Squad. CV was
decimated defensively, putting up 3 goose eggs, but still saw a silk lining in 20 from RB Travis Henry's. Osprey
Lamont Jordan gets a game ball with his 27.90 pts.

W: Leemo's Chumps 154.60              L: Finn Hill Marauders 87.70
The Chumps, still smarting from barely missing last season's playoff hunt, wreaked havoc this week over
the newly re-christened Margaritas, who found it difficult to Maraud with only the one defensive player.
Leemo's finest was led by excellent games from his entire starting 4, but the real gem was a 30 pointer for QB Jon
Kitna.Finn Hill tops it though,with a 32 pt day by the incomparable Peyton Manning garnering  player of the game

W: Reading Rockhounds  174.45      L: Kirkland Steelers 119.10
Perrenial fave Rockhounds were up to their usual tricks this week, taking down the always scrappy Steelers.
Reading saw double digit scoring from 8 of 11 players, which served to tally the weeks' high score. This
pile o' points was highlighted by a game ball worthy 32.45 pt day from from QB Ben Roethlisberger.
The Steelers meanwhile saw excellent efforts from RB Brian Westbrook and WR's Randy Moss and Andre
Johnson, but were ultimately hamstrung by a poor defensive showing.

W: Rowdy Raiders 155.00                 L: Flathead Lunkers 104.25
The Raiders rebounded from last years hard luck season to take a week one victory from last years' third place
squad, the Lunkers. The Raiders had strong showing with 7 players putting up double digits. The Lunkers
meanwhile saw tough days for it's RB corps, but did see an outstanding game from LB London Fletcher. QB
Tom Brady gets PNW player of the Week honors in this one, racking up 33.35 pts in the Raider win.           

W: Rough U Up 132.80                      L: Snowy Owls 99.65
In our final match, RUU plucked the Snowy Owls to finalize the slate of week one winners,
thanks to  20+ point days from QB Carson Palmer and WR Reggie Wayne, and double digit defense.
The Owls were led by Edgerrin James, for a 20 pt performance on Monday Night. Rough Reggie
Wayne gets the game ball for his 24.00 pt effort.

PNW Player of the Week:                  QB Tom Brady, Raiders, 33.35 pts
PNW Underachiever of the Week       WR Deion Branch, 0 pts, RUU
PNW Bench Player of the Week         QB Tony Romo, RUU, 45.65 pts!!!!!
Honorable Bench-ion 1   QB Eli Manning, Rockhounds, 36.90 pts
                    Honorable Bench-ion 2   WR Plaxico Burress, Steelers, 36.40 pts
PNW Defensive Player of the Week    LB  Zach Thomas, Rockhounds, 25 pts

Well, that's it for this week. No early games and no Bye's yet, so it's straight up action for Sunday.
Be sure to set your rosters and those of you who need to, take care of those defenses. Until Sunday,
See You On The Field!

September 6th, 2007

Hawks Kickoff
Kickoff. Photo by Steve Holetz, Copyright 2006

It's almost time...

September 4th, 2007

Hey Folks! Only 2 days left! Check out these 2007 NFL team projections, courtesy of
Pretty hilarious!

September 2nd, 2007

What up, PNW? Welcome to the PNW home website, your one-stop shop for all information
pertaining to the PNW's finest fantasy football institution! As we enter our seventh season, be
sure and check in here each week for the latest recaps, league standings, and assorted gridiron

A quick reminder, The PNW draft takes place TODAY,  September  3rd, 2007 at 7:00 pm pacific.

First game of the NFL season is this Thursday, so don't forget the early lineup deadline. That's
about it for now. I look forward to another great season in the PNW, and to finding the answer to
the eternal question:

Who among you will dominate their peers this season, and seize the crown to ascend and join
the ranks of the PNW Hall of Champions?

2006 Steve Holetz - Redmond Ospreys
2005 Tom Mueller - Rowdy Raiders
2004 Stu Carter - Rockville Rockets
2003 Gonzalo Ferreyra- CV Barbers
2002 Steve Holetz - Fightin' Ypsihawks
2001 Julie Holetz - Washington Sea Otters

Here's to a great season, and see you on the field! - Commish Steve

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