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Our first ever evening of "Giggles and Gore" is in the books, and the reviews are in!

"Holy Smokes, was it an awesome time!" - Seattle Geekly

"I had a blast at the festival, and if they do it again...I'm goin'!" - Mail Order Zombie

"It's worth traveling across the country for!" - The Disney Indiana Podcast

                                                The inaugural BoneBat "Comedy of Horrors" Film Fest took place on Thursday, September 2nd 2010
                                                at the Big Picture Theater in Redmond, WA. The event was hosted by Steve and Gord of The BoneBat Show
                                                podcast, and featured two, count-'em TWO!, features in their Seattle premieres, over 100 minutes of Comedy
                                                and Horror shorts from around the world, and a set of live music from the Seattle tech-metal group Barefoot
, who played material from their self titled debut CD, on sale for the first time at the fest. A fantastic
                                                time was had by all. But don't believe us! Just look at the evidence...(click image to embiggen).


                                                  The Big Picture prepares...   Seattle Geekly   Barefoot Barnacle Tunes Up   Julie of 19 Nocturne Blvd. and
                                                               The Venue Prepares [Link]                                    Seattle Geekly! [Link]                             Barefoot Barnacle [Link] tunes up                       Julie from 19 Nocturne Blvd & friend  [Link]

                                                  Almost time...  Last minute prep   Your Hosts  Barefoot Merch                                                                                                                                         Almost Time                                                     Final Touches                                                    Your Hosts                                              Barnacle Merch [Link]

Steve Schmoozes  At The Bar  Flying Saucer Pizza  Games and Gizmos                                                                                    Steve Schmoozes                                                 At the Bar                                             Flying Saucer Pizza [Link]                                    Games and Gizmos [Link]  
the Media  Gord and Steve  Intermission  Podcasters abound tonight!
             The Media
[Link] [Link] [Link]                             Gord and Steve and Friends                                         Intermission                                           Podcasters Abound Tonight! [Link] [Link] [Link]     

Barefoot Barnacle
Barefoot Barnacle 2   Barefoot Barnacle 3   Alex of Barefoot Barnacle
              Destroys All!                                                                                Barefoot Barnacle [Link]                                   Barefoot Barnacle [Link]                                       Barefoot Barnacle [Link]                                 Alex Destroys All! [Link]

Barefoot Barnacle
                      Live!  Alex and Jon
  Barefoot Barnacle     bbff29                                                                           Barefoot Barnacle [Link]                               Alex and Jon [Link]                                              Barefoot Barnacle [Link]                                                     Winner!                        

Setting Up  
Jorge of Barefoot Barnacle  Doug of Barefoot Barnacle  Make With The Prizes Already!  Thank You For
                Your Support
              Setting Up                                     Jorge of Barnacle [Link]                        Doug of Barnacle [Link]                  Make With the Prizes, Already!           Thank You For Your Support   

More Loot    Skamama and Mrs Wombat    To the victor...
                                    More Loot                                                          The Lovely Skamama and Missus Wombat                                        To the Victor go the Spoils...

More Prizes    Some of the audience    More of the audience
                                                                                    Even More Loot                                                               Some of our Audience                                                              More of our Audience

A huge thank you to Barefoot Barnacle for sharing their amazing music with us.

Click the image below to buy the Debut CD from Barefoot Barnacle!

Barefoot Barnacle CD Banner

Steve and Gord would like to thank all the filmmakers, whose incredible work made the evening possible!

    Jones Cheap Ass Daycare            Death In Charge            Eel Girl
     "Jones' Cheap Ass Prepaid Legal & Daycare"                 "Death In Charge"                     "Eelgirl"
                           USA                                  USA                                UK 
          Matthew Witkus, Director. Link          Devi Snively, Director        Paul Campion, Director

   Murder Baby     Horribly Slow Murder   Pixels
                  "Murder Baby"                  "The Horribly Slow Murderer                         "Pixels"
                                                                             with the                               
                                                              Extremely Inefficient Weapon"    
                        USA                                                 USA                                    USA/FRANCE

           Peter Podgursky, Director                 Richard Gale, Director                    Patrick Jean, Director

                              My Dad Killed Dracula        Stalker Farms          Santa the Fascist Years     
          "How My Dad Killed Dracula"       "Field of Screams 2010 Promo"       "Santa: The Fascist Years"
                          USA                                              USA                                            USA
             Sky Soleil, Director                     Dan Orme, Director                   Bill Plympton, Director  

Spider  Land of the Heads  Treevenge
            "Spider"                         "Land of the Heads"                 "Treevenge"
        AUSTRALIA                                     CANADA                                         CANADA
Nash Edgerton, Director  Cedric Louis/Claude Barras, Directors     Jason Eisener , Director

                                  Lupo the Butcher
                                                    "Lupo The Butcher"
                                                Marv Newland, Director

                            and the IndieFlix Official Selection
for 2010:
    Get Off My Porch
"Get off My Porch". USA. Patrick Rea, Director

And last but not least, our features!

  Jake West's DOGHOUSE!

Last Lovecraft Doghouse
Click the posters above to view the official trailers!

or Listen to Episode 52 of The BoneBat Show for interviews with Jake West, Henry Saine, Devin McGinn and Barefoot Barnacle!

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