eBBFF 2012

Our sophomore evening of "giggles and gore" is history, and the reviews are in!

"The film selection was incredible! You HAVE to do it again!" - Matt H., formerly of Seattle Geekly

"These are great movies, with great people, in a great environment!" - Mail Order Zombie

"All the people laughing out loud made for a great, enjoyable experience. I would recommend it highly!"
- The Disney Indiana Podcast

                                                The BoneBat "Comedy of Horrors" Film Fest returned to the Big Picture Theater in Redmond,
                                                WA on Saturday, April 21st 2012 for it's second installment, again hosted by Steve and Gord of
BoneBat Show podcast. The expanded festival featured three features in their Seattle premieres,
                                                21 Comedy and Horror shorts from around the world, and a set of live music apiece from Kirkland
nerdcore rap kingpins Death*Star and the Duvall cutting edge metal collective Burning of I.
tremendous time was had by all. But don't believe us, just look at the evidence!

                                                                                                            (click images to embiggen).

                                                        Death Star at BoneBat Film
                Fest 2012  Bill Beats!  BBFF12
                                                                                                         Death*Star tears it up LIVE                        Bill Beats drops exactly that                   Can't stop that Death*Star flow
                                                                                        BBFF12        BBFF12   
Death Star warps minds at
                the 2012 BoneBat Film Fest!
                                                                                                            Death* Star LIVE!                                            MC3PO jumps in                                   Who rules the night?

                                                                                            BBFF12    BBFF12     BBFF12                                                      
                                                                                                                  Pizza Time!                                 Viewers enjoy the Big Picture Luxury            Friends relax between films   
BBFF12    BBFF12    BBFF12   
                                                                                                          Death*Star holds court
                                Thanks, Mac and Jacks!  Steve of BoneBat, James of SMBC, Gord of BoneBat

                                                                                             BBFF 2012    BBFF 2012   Burning of I
                                                                                                                   When James Attacks!                                 No cupcakes are safe                                        Burning of I LIVE

BBFF12   BBFF12  Burning of
                            I at the 2012 BoneBat Film Fest!
                                                                                                                    BoI blow the roof off                               Jesse and Matt of Burning of I                                 BoI LIVE!
                                                                                              Burning of I at
                        the 2012 BoneBat Film Fest                                                                                          
                Burning of I gets mobbed at the 2012 BoneBat "Comedy of Horrors" Film Fest! [Link]

BoneBat Film Fest 2012 in the Media!

Burning of I plays LIVE at "The Comedy of Horrors"! YOUTUBE!
Mail Order Zombie Podcast: Episode 180, 04/26/12
Contains complete play-by-play commentary of the festival!

The BoneBat Show: Episode 84, 04/15/12 LINK
Complete festival preview, including interviews with directors
 Mike Bradecich and John LaFlamboy of Moleman of Belmont Ave,.
Jesse T Cook of Monster Brawl, and Drew and Brett Pierce of Deadheads!

Seattle Times 4/20/12 LINK
Culture Mob Seattle 4/19/12 LINK
Redmond Reporter 4/12/12 LINK

                                 VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO

Death*StarBurning of I 

For the incredible performances, and for sharing your music with us!


Congratulations to Cargols!
WINNER, viewers choice for best short!

Steve and Gord would like to thank all the musicians, filmmakers, and
sponsors whose
incredible work made the evening possible!


Shadows    Horror Movies
              Suck   Living the
       "Shadows"                      "Horror Movies Suck"             "Living the iDream"
Freakwolf Productions                Sycamore Productions                       Mile 47 Post
              USA                                           USA                                             USA
Bryan Wolford, Director           JohnMark Triplett, Director        Jeffrey Williams, Director
                                                                    Blood Love   Nightshift of the
          Vampire  The Easter Bunny Is Eating my Candy
                                                                             "Blood Love"              "Nightshift of the Vampire"  "The Easter Bunny is Eating My Candy"
                                                                    2010 Seattle 48 Hr Film Festival    Happy Snake Heaven/Planet Fall Films                    Fewdio
                              USA                                     AUSTRALIA                                    USA
                                                                  Brian Sutherland, Director
           Justin Crooks, Director        d. Drew Daywalt/David Schneider

                                                                       ReRe-Animated   Copy   Cargols
"Copy"                         "Cargols!" (Snails!)  
                                                                         SockMonster Productions          SenoReality Pictures          Escandalo Films/Promofest
                                                                                        USA                                         USA                                      SPAIN   
Wesley Alley, Director              Patrick Rea, Director          Geoffrey Cowper, Director
                                                                          Spider  SMBC Theater  The Devil's
"BJ Bond"                       "The Devil's Toy"
Blue Tongue Films                   
SMBC Theater               Sprocketboy Productions                                               
                                                                                   AUSTRALIA                               USA                                         USA  
                                                                          Nash Edgerton, Director 
          Jason Axinn, Director           Alex Lugones, Director

                                                                        C-Stand Curtain  Blackwater
                                                                                    "C-Stand"                             "Curtain"                 "Backwater Gospel"
Ignominious Productions              
Parallactic Pictures       The Animation Workshop                        
                                                                                         USA                                        USA                              
                                                                         Carl Jensen IV, Director        Dennis Widmyer, Director     Bo Mathorne, Director

                                                                        Hold the Mayo  
Bear   SMBC Theater
                                                                                "Hold The Mayo"                        "Bear"                          "Mad Scientist"
                                                                                      Mile 47 Post                     
Blue Tongue Films                 SMBC Theater                                            
                                                                                            USA                                AUSTRALIA                             USA       
                                                                           Jeffrey Williams, Director
        Nash Edgerton, Director      Chason Chaffin, Director
                                                                   A River in the
            Woods  Bedfellows  Vicki
                                                                         "A River In The Woods"               "Bedfellows"                            "Vicki"
                                                                                    AWAY Films                   Daywalt Fear Factory           Cheap Heat Productions
                                                                                      CANADA                                  USA                                       USA
                                                                         Christian Sparkes, Director     
Drew Daywalt, Director           Bill Palmer, Director

  Deadheads Monster
   Moleman of Belmont Avenue

     The 2012 BoneBat "Comedy of Horrors" Film Fest was brought to you by:

Flying Saucer Pizza  Theo  Mac
                      and Jacks   Paizo  Whoopass 
   Oni! Games
                    & Gizmos  DHC  Black
                    Library    SFI
GT Printing Equipment  Stalker
                Farms Redmond
 Play N Trade Kirkland  Scarecrow
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                  Wombat Link, bitches!

BoneBat Film
        Fest 2012!

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