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Slow-simmered pork carnitas, served on home-pressed corn tortillas with fresh
guacamole', lettuce and queso fresco.

A few notes on the fine meal above, although the photo speaks for itself:          

1) The key to the carnitas is it's simplicity: A few high quality ingredients and lots of time and care.  You
begin with about 3 or 4 pounds of Boston butt,
cubed and trimmed of fat, simmered in water with salt,
onion and bay leaf for 1-2 hours, drained and then fried in it's remaining fat with chopped onions,
tomatoes and peppers. This recipe was taken from Josefina Howard's absolutely essential (and now
out of print) Rosa Mexicana Cookbook, as was my staple recipe for guacamole'. You can find this
book cheap used, and it's well worth the effort.

2) It is time consuming to whip up a batch of fresh tortillas, but the difference in flavor between these and
the machine-made variety are night and day. Again, the ingredients are simple, just Masa Harina (I use the
MaSeCa brand) salt and water. The chewiness in the finished product is amazing. I get my daughter to help,
but if you don't have a kid, the time or a press, hit the local Mexican market. Many sell tortillas fresh, along

3) Queso Fresco! Light, sweet and delicate, Queso Fresco makes Monterey Jack seem oafish in comparison.
THE perfect cheese for summer tacos.

4) Guacamole: Again, keep it fresh and simple: Avocado, Onion, Cilantro, Salt, and Jalapeno or Serrano
peppers are ALL you need. It won't last long enough to worry about it browning, so keep the citrus juice
out of it, and put it to work where it belongs - In your drink.

5) It's not traditional for this meal, but one of my go-to beers is Bridgeport Blue Heron Pale Ale from
Portland. Awesome.

Add a little shredded lettuce and your favorite hot sauce, and that's it. Try it, this meal will truly make
a summer evening special.

Photo and Food by Bonehand

  Copyright  2008  S J Holetz

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