It Is What It Is.

dream sequence

by T.S. Holub

1. the antidote

I fooled everyone, even me.
All my secrets are now reality.
So very selfish to want what I need.
Exposing my weakness, I begin to bleed.

Walk the chasm of my mind.
Feel the fear and leave behind
all these delusional and childish ways.
When I think of tomorrow, I long for yesterday.

Born again into the same old strange.
A brand new vision – one that never changed.
Your poisonous words hide my frozen screams.
I found the cure, the antidote to dreams

2. no more

Apathy hangs like lead anchors pulling my body down
It chokes me with snakes that spew from dull eyes
Distained, I rot from the inside along every hollow fissure
Constricted, I hold my breath, hoping for an end
Disgusted, I dream no more

3. a dream of yesterday

Traipsing carelessly, like a child,
through who I once was,
Where weeds have overgrown,
No one knows me
or pays me much of a glance
any more.
My salted whiskers and tired eyes
Hide me.
Last life’s friends have forgotten me
And we are each other’s ghosts
In a place that no longer exists.
I am a stranger in my home.

  Copyright  2007 T.S. Holub

TS, who was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, is an almost-intriguing blend of health conscious metrosexual and beer swillin'
red neck.  His activities of daily living include being a dad of two daughters, playing guitar, and belly breathing.  He probably should
be on some sort of medication and should rarely be left unsupervised.

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