It Is What It Is.


by T.S. Holub

drop this flower
inside where splinters
and racks buzz-saw
my parched and fractured

seize friendly koi with
called fingers

notice the beauty

smell the magic
with lobotomized
katydid feelers
again called fingers

chin deep in
we "swim"
like oarsmen
and other
pondwater critters

I can see the rainbows now


Tangerine Morphine Progression

by T.S. Holub

Tangerine, Nectarine

Perfume, Bridegroom
Candlelight, Midnight
Ice Cream
and a bottle of wine

Nicotine, Magazine
Venusbloom, hotelroom
Moonlight, Midnight
Ice Cubes
and a bottle of wine

Gasoline, Morphine
Smokyroom, Mushroom
Blacklight, Midnight
Ice Pack
and a bottle of wine

    Copyright  2007 T.S. Holub

TS, who was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, is an almost-intriguing blend of health conscious metrosexual and beer
red neck.  His activities of daily living include being a dad of two daughters, playing guitar, and belly breathing.  He
probably should
be on some sort of medication and should rarely be left unsupervised.

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