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Five Bowls Of Ramen

Five Bowls of Ramen

By Gonzalo Ferreyra

Slices of Sweet Pork
Are so happy to see me
That I smile back.

I  bet on an egg
To enlarge my life once more.
Yolk the sun’s color!

Spoon in my left hand,
Chopsticks hovering like gulls:
A death-bed highlight?

Comparing best bowls
We can’t wait to interrupt—
Muted by noodles!

There is tomorrow
And perhaps a next day and—
I dream of pork broth.

  Copyright  2007 Gonzalo Ferreyra

Gonzalo Ferreyra has written one (unpublished) novel and is hard at work on a second.  He's a great admirer of
Vladimir Nabokov, Philip Roth, and John Cheever but tries his best not to mimic them when he sits down to write.  
He lives in Castro Valley, CA, with his wife and two daughters.

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