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"BATFACED!" - posted 07/18/21

THIS EPISODE: Gord and Steve beat the heat with heavy summer hits, thanks
to killer tunes from Ronnie Ripper, The Melvins, Barely Small, Toe Tag, Lores
Decay, King Buffalo, The Miskaphonics and Sorcia! All this plus Gord goes face
to face with a creature of the night, What Pisses Us Off, Gord's Weird Stuff, and
Multimedia Triage reviews of the films No Sudden Move, Black Widow, and
Werewolves Within; TV's Loki and Ted Lasso, the game Crying Suns, and more
condition your air in this podsicle cool Episode 196...

The BoneBat Show!

Heavy Half Hour


011/19/17    Episode 48 of the Bonehand Heavy Half Hour!


Featuring Music from: Arisen From Nothing, Burning of I, The Haunted, Witchery,
Entombed and Allegaeon! 

The Heavy Half Hour!
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