It Is What It Is.



By S J Holetz

She nurtures all with her radiant smile
Never tires of driving the extra mile
She always has time for helping and teaching  

Giving of herself as effortlessly as breathing
With creativity endlessly blooming
Brightening everyone's day with laughter

She doesn’t worry about that which she can’t control.
Instead doing good is always her goal
She shares caring like the sun emits light

Passion and wonder is hers to bestow
Always lifting our children to grow
She anchors our family with love

My life is whole when I know that shes near
She calms my heart when I awaken in fear
And tells me the truth when I need it

Her insight enlightens when I cannot see
Being with her enables each victory
Her beauty lights a fire in my soul

I can give backrubs and chocolate and cook fanciful meals
Be the best lover, do the taxes, take the trash out with zeal
And still never repay what she means to me


 With all my love. Happy Birthday, Julie!

  Photo and Poetry Copyright 2008 S J Holetz

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