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Bonehand Reviews - An concise Introduction by S J Holetz. Full intro Here.

Letís face it, much of our time on this planet is occupied with the pursuit of keeping our little brains entertained. And as
long  as there has been something to entertain us, we have had strong opinions about it.When I first started mulling
over the the concept of what would become, I definitely wanted it to include a review aspect. When it
comes to reviews, I find the enthusiastic zeal of a fanatic infinitely preferable to the dispassionate, "fairly balanced"
air of the professional critic. As such, a more "unbalanced" philosophy (for lack of a better term) will be reflected
in these reviews, along with ALL the same originality, careful thought and variation that you've come to expect from

Hopefully, I will be able to turn some of you on to something cool that you never knew existed, or warn you
before you buy something that you might hate. Of course, some of you will do just that, based upon on a review
that you find here. Itís inevitable. So, if you do end up with something that sucks because of me, my answer to you is:

Youíll get over it.    As always, praise & hate-mail may be directed to  


 Thumb Tyrant          Heard it all before       RP
   CLUTCH - Blast Tyrant
               CLUTCH - Heard It All Before            COLDWORKER - Rotting Paradise

Dismember thumb                           Witchcult Today                 Serpent Saints
DISMEMBER - Dismember             ELECTRIC WIZARD - Witchcult Today                 ENTOMBED - Serpent Saints

By the Grace
              of God thumb                     Hunab Ku          Kill Everything
HELLACOPTERS - By the Grace of God   HUNAB KU - The Gaze Inward             I ROT - Kill Everything

Sense of purpose                hu
IN FLAMES - A Sense of Purpose
     SCAR SYMMETRY - Holographic Universe              PSYCROPTIC - Ob(Servant)

                   Twilight of the
                      Thunder God                                                                                Planetary Duality                                                                                  

AMON AMARTH - Twilight of the Thunder God                                          THE FACELESS - Planetary Duality


Haunted Poster
        Summer Slaughter
The Haunted/Dark Tranquillity 04/10/07                               Summer Slaughter w/ Necrophagist 6/20/07

                    poster                                   Finntroll poster  
                        Nile. Seattle, 7/13/07         
                                        Finntroll. Seattle, 10/2/07    

Ministry Tour 2008                       Dillinger Flyer 2008  
      Ministry w/ Meshuggah. 3/29/08                           
Dillinger Escape Plan, Seattle, 4/10/08  

Arch Enemy Flyer           Klok
Arch Enemy/Dark Tranquillity, 5/27/08                      Dethklok, with Chimaira. 6/03/08         

ss2008                    At
                The Gates
Summer Slaughter 2008, 7/18/08                                          At The Gates 7/23/08

                                    I Rot, w/ Sikend and Burning Of I. Seattle, 9/6/08

Carcass Flyer              Meshuggah 2009
Carcass, w/ Suffocation, 1349 & Aborted            Meshuggah, w/ Cynic and The Faceless 2/6/09 

Finntroll Poster                Hypocrisy Poster

Finntroll/Moonsorrow. Seattle, 04/21/10                 Hypocrisy/Scar Symmetry. Seattle, 05/19/10

mc chris                                                                                           

mc chris w/ MC Lars & YTCracker. 6/1/10

  Copyright  2007, 2008, 2009, 2010  S J Holetz

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