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Show Notes, Volume 2: The Nineties, Part One

By S J Holetz

The other day I was thinking about a great concert I attended sometime back in ‘91 or ’92, but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out exactly when
it took place. I went on the interwebs in order to dig a little deeper, and to my surprise found absolutely nothing about the show in question. And
so it was that I decided to list all the concerts I have attended right here, along with a few notes about what made each show memorable, in order
to create a record of some of the excellent, if ephemeral, musical entertainment I’ve witnessed. If your memory is better than mine, or you notice that
I made a mistake, please let a brother know and I’ll add it to the account. Taking up where Volume 1 left off:

Ministry                                  The Palladium   Hollywood CA                               Fri 1/15/90     

A very cool show, as Al and the boys slammed the crowd with monster versions of "Thieves", "Burning Inside" and "So What".   


The Cramps                          The Palladium  Hollywood CA                                 Fri 2/2/90

Wow! Fantastic show on the Stay Sick tour, with vocalist Lux Interior at his most manic, as he writhed on the stage in nothing but a leather

thong and half a bottle of red wine while howling out the words to “Tear It Up”. My 22 year old brain would never be the same.

Nine Inch Nails                      Helter Skelter (Stardust Ballroom) Hollywood   05/25/90

First time catching NIN, in a seriously hot, cramped club. Did Filter open? Great version of  “Head Like A Hole”.


Oingo Boingo Halloween Show    Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre                  Sun 10/28/1990

The first of many fantastic holiday shows from one of LA’s most interesting bands.       

Skinny Puppy                        The Palladium        Hollywood CA                         Fri 12/14/90

Skinny Puppy on the Too Dark Park tour. This one was pretty messed up; vocalist Nivek Ogre howling as scenes from notorious Japanese

gore film “Flowers and Blood played behind him is permanently burned in my brain.

Janes Addiction                     Universal Amphitheater                                          Thu 1/31/91

A great set from JA at the height of their powers, “Mountain Size” and “Jane Says” were fantastically memorable.

Butthole Surfers                   The Palladium        Hollywood CA                         Fri 5/17/91

Great show, everything you’d expect from the Surfers. Fire! Bullhorns! Fucked up movies! And above all, great music.    

Lollapalooza 1                       Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre                               Wed 7/24/91

Beautiful day, marred only by the open container ticket I got for drinking a beer with my sandwich in the parking lot pre-gig, utter bullshit.

Highlights: Rollins playing hard for the ¾ empty amphitheatre, Ice T got a great response form the remarkeably white crowd, and Nine

Inch Nails fog machines were pretty funny in the mid-day sun, making the stage look like a big ass barbecue. Gibby stalked the stage

with shotgun and bullhorn in tow during the Butthole Surfers set. Living Colour and Siouxsie were kinda dull, but Jane’s Addiction

was cool.  "Three Days" was definitely a highlight.

Jesus Jones                           The Roxy          Hollywood CA                                Thu  9/5/91

One of those small informal secret shows put on by a radio station, just when Jesus Jones was at their hottest (such as it was) thanks

to the release of Doubt. Beers were drank, and a good time was had by all. Or Tim M. and I, anyway.

Oingo Boingo Halloween Show    Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre                  Sat 11/2/1991

They kinda run together after a while, but I could never get tired of live Irvine versions of “No One Live Forever” and “Dead Man’s Party”

during Halloween week.

Fishbone w/ Primus             The Palladium   Hollywood CA                             Fri 2/10/91

Two of the most hyperkinetic bands I can think of in one show, resuling in the hairiest mosh pit I have ever seen. It literally took up the

entire floor of The Palladium. Ridiculous huge insane fun. 

Dire Straights                         Great Western Forum Los  Angeles                   Fri 2/7/1992

The only rock and Roll show I have ever been "Shooshed!" at. No discernable stage presence, but the band are pros. "Sultans of Swing",

"Money for Nothing" and "Walk of Life" were all fun.


Metallica                                  Great Western Forum Los  Angeles                  Wed 2/12/1992

A fantastic night on the Black Album tour. “Enter Sandman” gave me chills, “Creeping Death” was godlike. Only the crappy seats keep

this one from being a classic.   

The Dickies w/ Green Jello  The Palace Hollywood                                          Fri Feb 21st 1992

Another favorite show. Green Jello (pre-lawsuit) was in fine form, ripping through hilarious takes on "Three Little Pigs" and "Obey The

Cowgod." The Dickies would not be outdone, whipping out a great set of their own, highlighted by "If Stuart Could Talk." 

The Cramps                          The Palladium      Hollywood CA                           Fri 3/27/1992

One of my first dates with Skamama, This time Lux wasn't quite as insane as last time, still a great show though. Julie almost got me

in a fight, shoving an idiot in the crowd. 

Infectious Grooves              Universal Amphitheater                                          Sat 4/18/92

Funky as shit, this show was too much fun. Can’t remember who opened, all other memories obliterated by the full version of  "Whip

Craaaaame! Put it all over yo’ Bod-Day!", courtesy of Sarsippius Sulamanagic Jackson the Third. Fuckin' A!

Social Distortion                   The Palladium      Hollywood CA                         Fri 04/24/92

Cool show, Julie taking me out to catch the SD on my birthday. Good set covering all their best tunes, and the band was handing out

7 inchers in the parking lot after the show. (Not a euphemism.) 

Lollapalooza 2                       Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre                             Sun 9/13/92

The best of the Lollapaloozas. Lush didn’t inspire, but every other band was great, to the extent that you didn’t want to leave to hit the

second stage. Although I did to check out a few tunes each from Porno for Pyros, House of Pain and Cypress Hill. Pearl Jam won me

over as a live act, their enjoyment for playing live was infectious. Jesus and Mary Chain were fun, Soundgarden killed it with "Rusty Cage"

and "Jesus Christ Pose". Like Ice T before him, Ice Cube had the crowd going apeshit, and Ministry and Red Hot Chili Peppers were both

fantastic. That day was a good day.

Rollins Band                         Fairfax High School                                                Tues 7/21/92

One of the most surreal shows I have ever attended, as Rollins Band tore into a capacity crowd in the Fairfax High School Gym. Really

Bizarre and fun.

Ministry w/ Helmet & Sepultura        Universal Amphitheater                        Sat 12/27/92

FUUUUUUUCK. WHAT A SHOW! Great seats low in the arena. Helmet opened, hitting all the high points off Meantime, followed by Sepultura

in all their Chaos AD glory. This was followed by a killer set from Ministry, who were joined on stage by Anthax's Scott Ian for highlight run through

Sabbath’s “Supernaut”. One for the ages, simply unbelievable.

Oingo Boingo                       Universal Amphitheater                                         Wed 1/20/93

Elfman and crew were in great form as always, but the set, filled with tunes from my least favorite album Boingo, evades my highest marks.

Julie danced her ass off, though. And they did play "Grey Matter" that night, complete with xylophone solo, so that was pretty awesome.

Lollapalooza 3                       Santa Fe Dam                                                          Fri 8/6/93

My third and final shot at this tour. Hot day, cool Music. Rage Against the Machine put on a cool show. Arrested Development: Do they really pay

that old guy to sit in his rocking chair? You’ve got to be shitting me. J. Mascis’ bittersweet guitar work with Dinosaur Junior at dusk was a highlight,

as was Primus, who crushed headliners Alice in Chains behind amazing versions of “My Name Is Mud”, “Tommy The Cat” and “John The Fisherman”.

That said, AIC’s end of evening take on “Rooster” was magnificent.

Pink Floyd                                 Rose Bowl Pasadena CA                                   Sun 4/17/94

One of our last show's in LA, on a beautiful, warm spring night at the Rose
Bowl. The music was great, if a bit mechanically packaged for consumer

consumption. “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” definitely stood out though, as Gilmour

Grateful Dead                           Autzen Stadium            Eugene OR                   Sun 6/19/94

We joined our friends in Eugene for their summer wedding and a Dead show. Show itslf was pretty weak, but plenty of entertainment was

provided by Skamama, who
was in rare form that day, verbally abusing the hippies. Absolutely hilarious!.         

To Be Continued...

  Copyright 2009     S J Holetz

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