It Is What It Is.

Yesterday: 12 Hours in 12 Haiku

by Steven J Holetz

Beep beep fuck ing beep
Didn’t I just fall asleep?
hot rain, consciousness

Last of the coffee,
Just enough for today. Crap!
I poured salt in it.

I made it to work
But can’t recall the commute.
Is that a bad thing?

I’m getting shit done
café de sel in effect!
I OWN your e-mail

 lunch time, burritos.
bad food sadly the highlight
of my afternoon.

 office, back at it
green tea powerless against
bean induced stupor

 work ing but slow ly,
time moves im per cept i bly.
(tough word for haiku)

glowing screen tells me
it's 5 thirty at long last
exit, chair spinning.

 tailights, I follow
filthy motherfucker! don’t!
cut me off again!

 pull up to the curb
open door, daddy! daddy!
best I’ve felt all day

 eat talk play watch love
maybe music? time is spent
then away I drift

 what can I do to
make tomorrow something more
than just yesterday?

  Copyright  2007 Steven J Holetz

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