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Bonehand.com is:
S.J. Holetz of Redmond WA. - Owner & Operator

G.J. Caulkins - Graphics & Content
Jorge Meneses - Logo Design

Steve uses and endorses: Gibson & Schecter guitars; Ibanez Bass; Marshall amplification; Line6 Pod 2.0; Sovtek Big Muff and Electro Harmonix Metal Muff , Boss ME-50 and HM-2, Dunlop Crybaby Wah-Wah, Harden Engineering Flaming Skull, and Digitech Whammy IV pedals; an M-Audio Oxygen8 keyboard; MXR Bass DI; Roland V-Drums & monitors; Shure & Oktava Microphones; Cakewalk Sonar Home Studio 4; Guinness Stout, Kona Bicycles & Nike Running shoes.
Steve would like to thank Ally, Thad and Julie.

GJ uses Draftmatic mechanical pencils, Micron technical pens, Prismacolor markers & colored pencils, Guinness Stout and a mighty Wacom tablet.

Jorge uses Godin guitars, Rivera amplification, and miscellaneous computer equipment for his designs. Contact Jorge, designer of bonehand.com's metal-as-hell text logo,
jmeneses2@hotmail.com for all your graphic design needs.

Bonehand.com is copyright 2007, 2008, by S J Holetz. All rights to the artistic works published on this site are the sole property of the author in question and may not be copied, excerpted or otherwise republished without the expressed written consent of said author.

Feedback, praise and/or declarations of suckage may be found and posted on the BoneBat Forums, or on the official Bonehand BlogFeeling creative & would like to to contribute to Bonehand.com? Then you are in luck, my friend! Please send submissions for publication, requests for permission to reprint the fine works contained herein, or further declarations of how much I suck to:


If I like it, I'll publish it.

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