It Is What It Is.

Sites of Tremendous Importance

Skamama.com - The Love of My Life, supreme tolerent of my idiocy, and Crochet Designer Extraordinaire.
Mighty Wombat - The domain of my long-time friend and partner in crime, GJ Caulkins.
Davis Magazine - Gord's "serious" (insert jerk-off hand motion) writing can be found here.
Gravemusic - Incredible Metal photography from Seattle. Oh yeah, and some of my reviews are there as well.

Bonehand's Favorite podcasts:

Drunken Zombie  Drunken Zombie -
The finest horror podcast currently haunting the ether.

PGPinto Gigante - My favorite kickass metal 'cast, out of Chico, CA.

Other noteworthy podcasts:   
Mail Order Zombie: Undead love from the Pacific Northwest, with a focus on straight to video Zombie releases.
The Cadaver Lab: Hilarious new horror 'cast for 08, 2 funny cats with a unique topical spin.
Bloody Good Horror: Super insightful horror reviews, always a great listen.
Radioactive Metal: Hardcore Metal Fancast from Canada, an all around class act.
Obscure 80s Podcast: An "awesomely" funny look back at the only decade that REALLY matters.
Night of the Living Podcast: Hilarious horror podcast from Cincy. Load's of fun if you can accomodate the length.
It Came from the Basement: Another great horror 'cast from the rookie class of 2008, straight outta Alberta!
Motion Picture Massacre: A neverending parade of reviews for great films you have never seen, as Vaughn tells
                                        it like it is like no one else in podcasting. 
Seattle Geekly: The weekly lowdown on all thngs of geek interest in the Pacific Northwest!
SModcast: The grandaddy of them all. But then again, you probably already listen to it.

Music Featured on The BoneBat Show:

Sound Camera       Makai Button         Parka Kings         I Rot        Hunab Ku
Acme Rocket Quartet     The Makai               Parka Kings                   I Rot                    Hunab Ku

Optimus Rhyme          The Whore Moans      Anchorhead Logo  Ceremonial Castings     Twistin' Tarantulas
Optimus Rhyme        The Whore Moans         Anchorhead        Ceremonial Castings   Twistin' Tarantulas

Seed of Decades         Supersuckers        The Dickies          bhs logo        Mustard Plug
Sixty Watt Shaman  The Supersuckers           The Dickies             Butthole Surfers          Mustard Plug

Fuzztones            Leftys Soul Connection       MU330 
Dusks Embrace     big black    
      Fuzztones         Lefty's Soul Connection          MU330               Dusks Embrace            Big Black 
Front           TNS          The Creepshow
        Bagged       Metroid Metal 
 MC Frontalot            The Nickel Slots          The Creepshow           Goblin Cock           Metroid Metal

  reverend horton heat        Warp 11       Super Sonic Soup Pimps       Pelican       San Kazakgascar Greetings
Reverend Horton Heat      Warp 11        Super Sonic Soul Pimps         Pelican              San Kazakgascar  

   MC Lars       Beefy        Grave       Pine Box Boys       Witchery       
         MC Lars                    Beefy                       Grave                 Pine Box Boys               Witchery       

Barefoot Barnacle    
Barefoot Barnacle 

                    Bands That Rule All:

                Arch Enemy - Fantastic Death Metal band from Sweden.
Children of Bodom - Black metal from Finland, super fast, super melodic.
                    Clutch - Smart. Heavy. Awesome. New Live Album HEARD IT ALL BEFORE OUT NOW
Dark Tranquillity - Another fine example of Swedish Death Metal.
Dethklok - The World's Most Brutal Cartoon Metal band
Dismember - Mighty crushing Swedish Death. 
Entombed - They will wreck your shit. Seriously.
Finntroll - "Trollish Metal"? Oh, Hell Yes! Also from Finland.
Hellacopters - Play their own awesome brand of old school American hard rock.
The Haunted - Heavy, punkier than the majority of their Swedish counterparts. Also see Jensen's other band, Witchery.
Hypocrisy - Peter Tagtgren's monster group, straddling the line between black & death metal.
In Flames - Gothenburg's Finest. Not to be missed.
Meshuggah - Swedish Sci-fi Tech Death! Tremendous!
Nile - The Egyptian book of Death Metal, absolutely epic. NEW CD ITHYPHALLIC OUT NOW.
Scar Symmetry - Super melodic brutality from Sweden, one of the scene's finest new bands.
          Ozomatli - Not like anything else you've heard.

          Cool Seattle Bands:
Gift Of Prophecy - Seattle Death Metal with Riffs by way of Sweden. Infectiously headbanging.
          Vulgarizer -  WOOOOAAAARRRRGGGG! Filthy and freaking hilarious. They terrify me. New Album out soon!

Other Cool Stuff:

          Revenant Mag
- The Ultimate online zombie magazine!

          Crypticon banner
Toxic Toons!

          Jeremy Golden:  Cool art, from the esteemed Pinto Gigante co-host.
Terry Taylor:  More awesome art, Samurai Chicks and monsters galore.
          Food Stuff:
This Is Why You're Fat.

          Football Stuff:

        hawks Seattle Seahawks - The PNW's Finest, NFC West Champions 5 years running. Your team sucks.
The Huddle - The web's greatest FF resource, providing everrything you need to CRUSH your league.
          Bonehand will drop everything to read the works of these incredible authors:
          Steven Brust - The Vlad Taltos books contain one of my fave worlds to revisit. Latest book Jhegaala out soon.
          Lee Child - Ex- MP Jack Reacher is the manliest protagonist around. Not to be missed.
          Glen Cook - The Garrett PI and Black Company series' are awesome fantasy, studded with a great sense of humor.
          George RR Martin - Song of Ice and Fire series is magnificent. That said: Finish f'ing Dance of Dragons already! Damn!
          Conn Iggulden - The Emperor series on Caesar and his Genghis Khan books are top-notch, action-packed historical fiction.
          Don Winslow - One of my favorite authors right now, a master alchemist of crime and surfing.
          Robert R. McCammon - Formerly known for top notch horror, now author of the Matthew Corbett historical mysteries, great stuff.
Ozomatli -
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